Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Photo and Story from A Family Feast (Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Recipe) October 28th is National Chocolate Day - but everything is better with Bourbon! Try this recipe from A Family Feast to kick your next...
Four Roses 130th Anniversary Small Batch.

5 Great New Bourbons You Must Try From September-Bourbon Heritage Month

Bourbon Heritage Month is typically host to some of the most anticipated whiskey releases of the year, and while the other 11 months get their fair share of amazing bottles, it's usually September that...

Neat and Sweet: Bourbon And Girl Scout Cookies

Story: Elizabeth Roach Photos: Victor Sizemore One of the things that make Bourbon my favorite spirit is the combination of culinary companions that pair so well with it. Country ham, chocolates, nuts of every sort and...

Larceny Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Story by Robbie Clark  |  Photos by Emily Moseley Bourbon is a versatile ingredient no matter what you're preparing - and pies are no exception. As baked pastries rule the dessert tray through fall and the...

Kickin’ Bourbon Chicken

It's football season here in the Bluegrass, and nothing says football like tailgating with your favorite foods and Bourbon. These Kickin' Bourbon Chicken Wings are the perfect blend of spicy and savory, with just...

Match Cigar Bar’s “Perfect Manhattan”

Story and Photos by Maggie Kimberl In Kentucky, every cocktail is a Bourbon cocktail. We’ve co-opted the Moscow Mule, replaced the vodka with Bourbon, and now it’s a Kentucky Mule. In Louisville, our official cocktail...

6 Bourbon and Halloween Candy Pairings to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Story Caroline Paulus and Shea Davidson Photos Shea Davidson Bourbon and candy aren’t strangers by any means. Kentucky’s famous Bourbon balls, for example, are the gold standard for blending whiskey and chocolate. But what about another...
The Perfect Manhattan. Photo credit: Peter Frank Edwards.

We Asked 7 Bartenders What Makes the Perfect Manhattan

Ask a bartender for a "perfect Manhattan" and you’ll get a cocktail with whiskey, bitters, and both sweet and dry vermouth. But ask a bartender for the perfect Manhattan and you’ve opened up a...