Woodford Reserve Kentucky Butter Cake

"A simple and delicious cake made even more elegant when topped with berries and whipped cream." Recipe and Photos found here at www.woodfordreserve.com. INGREDIENTS

Brown Butter Bourbon Donuts

Recipe and Photos by Pate Giltner found here at www.thegandmkitchen.com. "These brown butter bourbon doughnuts are half baked good and half cocktail, and they are delicious. It’s your basic doughnut turned...

Belle Meade Bourbon Snack Mix

Recipe and Photo found here at Nelson's Green Brier Distillery. If you're hitting the trails, having guests over, or are dreaming of the taste of bourbon at work --...

These $30 Bottles of Bourbon are Your Secret to the Perfect Cheese Pairing

Put off by pretentious wine and cheese pairings? Welcome to the easiest bourbon cheese board you'll ever build, brought to you by expert Will "Cheese Dude" Eaves. Eaves, who...

Have Bourbon Cookies Shipped Directly To Your Door From Bourbon Country

Treat yourself, or your dad this Father's Day, to fresh bourbon cookies delivered right to your door! Move over Girl Scouts, these cookies are directly inspired by bourbon with flavors like 'The...

Mint Julep Cream Puffs

Recipe and Photos by Pate Giltner found here at www.thegandmkitchen.com. "These delectable little cream puffs that are filled with a bourbon and mint pastry cream, and feel like a Southern...

Maker’s Mark Sausage Balls with Bourbon Mustard

"This classic Southern appetizer works great when paired with a Maker's cocktail or taken along to a potluck party. These cheesy bite-sized beauties are served with a Bourbon Mustard Dipping Sauce that brings...

This Sunny Pinhook Rye Cocktail is What You Need to Celebrate Spring

With spring weather in full swing and the country beginning to poke its nose out of quarantine, some bright and sunny cocktails are exactly what's needed to make up for the time...