Amazon Prime Day

AMAZON PRIME DAY DEALS: 16 Whiskey Things To Improve Your Life

It's Christmas in July, aka AMAZON PRIME DAY. Who doesn't love the thrill of the deal? For some (OK, a lot of us), the hunt surpasses the deal itself....

Stay Cool with a Bourbon Lemon Slush

With record temps this summer, refreshing cocktails are a must. This Bourbon Lemon Slush is the perfect way to stay cool this weekend. Happy 4th of July! Servings: 1
Mint Julep Recipe

The ‘Game Changin’ Mint Julep Recipe by Famous Kentuckian Henry Watterson

Henry Watterson may not mean much to you now. But back in his day (1840 - 1921), that son-of-a-gun could apparently raise hell and along with it, newspaper sales with...

First Days of Fall call for Bourbon Spiced Cookies

As cooler temps creep in, let these Bourbon Spiced Cookies kickoff the season of all things autumn. Brought to us by the talented Pate Giltner of The G&M Kitchen, these cookies pair...

The Wooden Nickel Cocktail Teases Autumnal Days

Though some parts of the country are in "first fall", we know "second summer" is likely around the corner before we can fully enjoy cooler temps. This cocktail, brought to us by...

Enjoy High West for National Whiskey Sour Day

With summer temperatures going strong, whiskey lovers need a refreshing alternative to the usual Old Fashioned or whiskey on-the-rocks to beat the heat. Lucky for us, it's National...

The Li’L Sebastian Cocktail will usher in your Weekend

The Li'l Sebastian is a variation on a Brown Derby cocktail. My only issue with that drink is that it's a bit too sweet and lacks backbone acid, so I decided to...

Maker’s Mark French 46 will Elevate your Weekend Brunch

While the French 75 is a well-known classic, This Maker’s Mark French 46 is sure to elevate your weekend brunch with a bourbon twist. INGREDIENTS☐ 1 oz Maker's Mark...