Hot Toddy meet Penicillin Cocktail

“Hot Toddy” meets “Penicillin” for this Medicinal(ish) Warming Wintry Bourbon Cocktail

RECIPE AND TEXT PROVIDED BY OLD DOMINICK DISTILLERY in Memphis, TN. Originally a Scotch cocktail, the Penicillin has a light medicinal flavor. Converting the Penicillin into a...

Woodford Reserve is Launching a Special “Bourbon & Chocolate Tasting Guide” for Valentine’s Day

HIGHLIGHTS Woodford Reserve Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall designed a tasting guide that includes 3 different chocolate pairings that will accentuate specific characteristics of the bourbon: white chocolate,...
Chrissy Teigen in her home kitchen. Via Instagram.

Chrissy Teigen Has One Bourbon in Her Kitchen for Cooking

There's one bottle of bourbon in Chrissy Teigen's kitchen: the 2020 limited edition Bulleit Blenders's Select, created by Eboni Major.
Holiday Gift Wishes

What Whiskeys Bourbon Review Writers Actually Want for the Holidays

We compiled a list of the bourbons, ryes, and other whiskeys the writers at The Bourbon Review really want this holiday season.

Treat Santa to a Milk Punch Cocktail This Christmas Eve

Recipe and photos found here on oldforester.com. Ingredients 1/4 c Old Forester (any expression)1/4 c milk 2 T Sweetened condensed milk 1/2 tsp vanilla extract...

Add Holiday Cheer to any Occassion with The Nutcracker Cocktail

"While we’d argue that bourbon is fine in any season, there’s just something magical about the holidays. Maybe it’s the chilly bite in the air that balances out the heat of the...

This Simple Second Circle Cocktail Will Put You in the Holiday Spirit

For both color and flavor, cocktails don’t get much deeper. This three-ingredient cocktail is easy and festive made with maple syrup - we recommend using bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup!

Drink Up Grinches! Recharge with this Refreshing Rosemary Maple Sour

"Pair your handpicked herbs with your favorite handcrafted bourbon. Fresh rosemary adds pleasing aromatics and depth to this Maker’s sour that’s naturally sweetened with maple syrup." Recipe and photo found...