Drink your Veggies with a Buffalo Trace “Pot-Likker” Bloody Mary

Recipe by Cami BurackerĀ of Vault & Cellar (Middletown, VA), recently named one of America's Best Bourbon Bars 2022, in partnership with Buffalo Trace Distillery. From Vault & Cellar: Pot...
Old Forester Violet Rye & Tonic

Dream of the Weekend with Old Forester’s Violet Rye & Tonic

It's Tuesday but transport back to the weekend sipping your favorite sprit with good company. Make tonight as an after-dinner treat or bookmark for weekend brunch. This Violet...
Hardin's Creek Bourbon Dinner Pairing

EVENT Aug 9th: Hardin’s Creek Bourbon Dinner Pairing at “North of Bourbon”

(LOUISVILLE) Jim Beam's new Hardin's Creek Bourbon is teaming up with restaurant North of Bourbon for a special evening. 8th gen Jim beam distiller Freddie...
Woodford Reserve Summer Porch Swing Cocktail

Woodford Reserve’s Porch Swing Cocktail will Cure End-of-Summer Blues

Summer temps are holding steady, but fall is lurking. Hold on to carefree summer vibes with this light and refreshing cocktail from our friends at Woodford Reserve. ...

This Bourbon Summer Slush will Beat the Heat

This slush recipe was handed down to the Wainscott family by their Grandma Hellman, who lived to the age of 104. At her home, she kept a batch in the freezer for...

The Cham Girl Cocktail is a Summer Staple

A refreshing summer sip from our friends at Goodfellas Pizzaria. The Cham Girl is a warm-weather staple mixing peach & lemon infused bourbon, chamomile, honey, rosemary and lemon.
Amazon Prime Day

AMAZON PRIME DAY DEALS: 16 Whiskey Things To Improve Your Life

It's Christmas in July, aka AMAZON PRIME DAY. Who doesn't love the thrill of the deal? For some (OK, a lot of us), the hunt surpasses the deal itself....

Stay Cool with a Bourbon Lemon Slush

With record temps this summer, refreshing cocktails are a must. This Bourbon Lemon Slush is the perfect way to stay cool this weekend. Happy 4th of July! Servings: 1