Top 20 Bourbons Around $30


By Justin Thompson, Editor in Chief

OK. So I get asked all the time, “What’s your favorite Bourbon”, and my answer is usually one of two responses.

Response A: “What Bourbon are you buying me” or Response B: “That’s like asking a mother with 100 kids who her favorite child is.”

But after thinking about it for a while, I really enjoy a Bourbon that’s almost always on the shelf and is around $30.  So I give you, my favorite Bourbons that are around $30.

No one should ever complain about receiving these as a gift nor should you worry about how someone enjoys them/mixes in them if you are entertaining.  Basically, these are low-maintenance Bourbons, which should be the atmosphere in which Bourbon should always be enjoyed.

In no particular order or rank, here are my favorite 20 around $30……that are usually available.

  • Bulleit Bourbon:  Great on the rocks or in cocktails.
  • Larceny:  Another solid “wheater” if you want something a little different than Maker’s.
  • Four Roses Small Batch:  Bolder and spicier than their Yellow Label.  Beautiful bottle.
  • Maker’s 46:  Spicier than the original with a sleeker bottle.
  • 1792:  Big flavors to be found in this one.
  • Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 Year:  A great Bourbon at just over $30.
  • Bowman Brothers:  If you like Buffalo Trace, you’ll like this one.
  • Eagle Rare 10 Year:  10 year-old Bourbon for $30.  Sign me up anytime.
  • Elijah Craig:  The only thing better than getting a 10 year-old Bourbon for $30 is one that is 12 years-old.
  • Woodford Reserve:  Always a crowd pleaser.
  • Elmer T Lee:  This one is getting tricky to find.  But is still around $30 so I had to include it.
  • Henry McKenna Single Barrel:  100 proof and 10 years-old.  Pretty good value.
  • Jefferson’s Very Small Batch:  The lesser complex of the Jefferson’s line, but still solid.
  • Lexington:  If you want to save $15 and like Basil Hayden’s this is a good fill-in.
  • Old Forester 86:  I’m referring to the 1.75/half-gallon for those large gatherings.
  • Old Grand Dad 114:  Very bold Bourbon.  Closer to $25 in some markets.
  • Knob Creek:  Aged 9 years and 100 proof.  Can’t go wrong there.
  • Russell Reserve 10 Year:  One of the best pours for just over $30 a bottle.
  • Johnny Drum Private Stock:  101 proof and sourced for Willett, who knows great whiskey when they taste it.
  • Evan Williams Single Barrel:  It’s 10 years-old and a single barrel and is almost always just under $30.

The Bourbon Review’s Top 20 Bourbons Around $30