America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2020

It’s been a tough year for bourbon bars. From tiny taverns in one horse towns to the sleekest lounges in the biggest cities, they’ve needed every bit of our support. Some bars have been...

Chef Matt Bolus: Born with Whiskey in his Blood

By: Chris Chamberlain  Editor's Note: This article was originally published in Issue 92 of The Bourbon Review Magazine. Chef Matt Bolus of The 404 Kitchen...

This Sunny Pinhook Rye Cocktail is What You Need to Celebrate Spring

With spring weather in full swing and the country beginning to poke its nose out of quarantine, some bright and sunny cocktails are exactly what's needed to make up for the time...

Bardstown Bourbon Company is Now Open for Tours

Bardstown Bourbon Company has opened for tours for the first time, offering guests a range of experiences from cocktail classes to rare bourbon tastings. It's surprising to some that this is the first time they've...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2019

Each year, The Bourbon Review combs cities and towns across the country to find the Best Bourbon Bars in America. In partnership with Buffalo Trace, we're thrilled to announce our winners for 2019! Bars on...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2019 – West Region

<<< PREVIOUS | South Region Our list of America's Best Bourbon Bars in the West keeps growing. Institutions like Rickhouse remain, and they're in good company with four other amazing bars just in their hometown...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2019 – Midwest Region

<<< PREVIOUS | East Region                                            South Region | NEXT>>> The Best Bourbon Bars in the...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2019 – South Region

<<< PREVIOUS | Midwest Region                                     West Region | NEXT>>> Bourbon bars in the south are more likely than other...