New Kentucky $250 Million Distillery Welcomes MASTER DISTILLER, Industry Veteran Lisa Wicker

Big whiskey things are happening in a small town just outside of Lexington, KY. Atlanta-based premium spirits company Staghorn has named award-winning craft whiskey maker Lisa Wicker as the first Master Distiller of its recently opened $250,000,000...

$250+ Million NEW DISTILLERY Unveiling in Kentucky – “Garrard County Distilling Co.”

Atlanta-based premium spirits company Staghorn is pleased to announce the opening of its first distillery, Garrard County Distilling Co., which has officially begun production in Lancaster, KY. With its towering dual 45 feet tall 36” Vendome...

New Bourbon Customized License Plate Available For All Kentuckians

Only in The Bourbon State....News out of Bardstown just hit that starting this year, a customized licensed plate for all Kentuckians is available at your local county clerks office. And the best part,...

Angel’s Envy Distillery Plans For 2024 Campus Expansion in Downtown Louisville

Angel's Envy is continuing to spread its wings with an announcement of its distillery expansion plans for 2024. The acclaimed brand broke ground in 2013 as it hasn't slowed down since. In...

Louisville’s Newest Whiskey Experience from Bourbon Pursuit Founders is Calling Your Name

Louisville's Bourbon star has been on the continual rise, adding new distilleries and experiences year over year. Now, the "Bourbon City" welcomes with open arms its newest amber experience member - Pursuit Spirits....

Top 10 Best Selling American Whiskey Brands of 2023 by “Drinks International”

Drum roll…ladies and gentlemen, the #1 2023 Best Selling American Whiskey Brand per Drinks International (DI) is…Maaaaker’s Maaaark! What does that mean? By volume? Certain price point? Geo parameters? We shall elaborate on the selection...

Kentucky Sets New Record for Aging Whiskey Barrels. But It’s Not All Good in...

I can vividly remember back in 2010, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear touting there were over 4,000,000 barrels of aging whiskey in Kentucky, essentially one for every person in the state. Now, more than...

Log Still Distillery is Opening a New Upscale Restaurant in Downtown Louisville

One thing can certainly be said about Log Still Distillery founder Wally Dant - he's got vision. And it never stops. Wally is a direct descendant of the "Dant Dynasty" Bourbon Royal Family reigning from...