Distilled Education: Four Whiskey Degrees You Can Get Online

Online whiskey classes are becoming popular for those who can’t attend classes. ​Whether you want to become a distiller and make you own whiskey, or are just seeking to have a greater appreciation of the...
Reigler at the Smithfield, Virginia "Bourbon, Bacon & Beach Music Festival." Courtesy Susan Reigler

How Susan Reigler & the Bourbon Women Association are Bridging Bourbon’s Gender Gap

When it comes to bourbon, Susan Reigler is nothing short of a powerhouse. The Louisville native wears more boozy hats that most: She’s an Executive Bourbon Steward, seasoned food and drink journalist, former biology...

Bacteria and Your Bourbon

Story and Figures Dr. Patrick Heist Wait a minute! Did you just say there are bacteria in my bourbon? Due to the high alcohol content and the fact that alcohol is an antiseptic (it kills...

Celebrating Bottled in Bond Day

March 3rd marks 121 years since the passage of the Bottled-in-Bond Act. Find out what this still means for your Bourbon today! Back before the days of carefully crafted whiskey and Bourbon made by some...

14 Quirky Liquor Laws Across the Country

Kentucky’s liquor laws have certainly run the gamut over the last century. During Prohibition, some distilleries, notably the one today named Buffalo Trace, remained open to produce Bourbon for “medicinal purposes,” while others shuttered...

Back to Bourbon School

Midway University’s new MBA specialization offers students the chance to participate in Kentucky’s booming Bourbon world. For a Bourbon lover, visiting different distilleries can be considered a type of religious experience. Stitzel-Weller, for example, touts...

Bourbon SATs – The 7 Vocab Words You Might Not Know

Calm those pre-test jitters with a Bourbon neat, and test your Bourbon smarts with a little vocabulary quiz! While some of these terms come naturally to the Bourbon drinker, others are more obscure. 1. Cenosillicaphobia...

Kentucky’s Bourbon History (Part II)

Part of Kentucky's 225th Birthday Celebration By Carla Carlton Excerpted from "Barrel Strength Bourbon: The Explosive Growth of America's Whiskey" (Clerisy Press, 2017) The second in a two part series. Read Part II here. By the 1970s, bourbon...