10 Sustainability Tips for the At-Home Bartender

We're all about getting the most out of our bourbon - pouring to the last drop, upcyling empty bottles in creative and useful ways, and most importantly, making memories with friends that...
Joyce Nethery at Jeptha Creed

Betting the farm: Joyce Nethery rekindles her passion for distilling at Jeptha Creed

With a background in chemical engineering, Joyce Nethery left her teaching days far behind and rekindled her passion for distilling at Jeptha Creed.
Jane Bowie at Maker's Mark

Pioneering a path: Jane Bowie leads the charge of innovation at Maker’s Mark

Jane Bowie has worked for Maker's Mark for 14 years now. Her intriguing bourbon journey started with an unconventional cover letter.
Andrea Wilson in the rick house

From moonshining to Michter’s: Andrea Wilson recalls what ignited her passion for distilling

Seven years ago this summer, Andrea Wilson made the decision to join the team of the up-and-coming Michter’s Distillery after 10+ years working for spirits giant Diageo. Michter’s was just getting ready to open...
Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

Special shout out to our friends and owners of Dorset Maple Reserve Farm in Vermont - Austin and Lauren Felis. Great people making great products. We have a terrific feature...
Maker's Mark Margie Samuels Bottle

Limited Edition Maker’s Mark Bottle Honoring Legendary Margie Samuels

  BRAINS BEHIND THE "RED WAX" Ever wonder who came up with the idea to put the iconic dripping red wax atop the Maker's Mark...
Alex Castle

Memphis Belle: Alex Castle walks the tightrope between tradition and experimentation at Old Dominick

Alex Castle has been involved with just about every step of the new Old Dominick Distillery — from the facility layout to mash bills and more.
E. H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon Chis Stapleton Charity Bottle

Chris Stapleton is Auctioning This Delicious E.H. Taylor Single Barrel for Disaster Relief

E. H. Taylor and Chris Stapleton fans consider yourselves put on notice: Bottled in Bond Day 2021 is capping off with a rare bourbon release that you’ll want to try and grab—partly...