What Happens When a Whiskey Taster Loses Their Senses to Covid?

Like millions of Americans, I tested positive for Covid over the holidays. Like about 40% of them, I eventually lost my taste and smell. Unlike about 99% of them, I depend on...
National Kentucky Day

It’s #NationalKentuckyDay – 10 Trivial Nuggets from The Bourbon State

Ok, so it's arbitrary, who cares...per the nets, it's #nationalkentuckyday. We must respect this as it gives us a solid reason to drink. While your sippin' on a...
Samuels House: Living Room

Unbelievable New but Old Destination Soon Opening in Bourbon Country: “The Samuels House”

In 1954, Margie and her husband Bill Samuels Sr. founded a little ol' Bourbon company named Maker's Mark. I wonder if they had any idea then that their adorable Ma' and...

New Netflix Documentary “Heist” Covers Famous ‘Pappygate’ Theft

The story of 'Pappygate' isn't new. As you've probably read, in 2013, Gilbert "Toby" Curtsinger, a Buffalo Trace employee, used his inside connections to steal hundreds of bottles of Pappy Van Winkle...
Guanajuato Old-Fashioned (recipe by Jono Moratis). Courtesy Food & City .

This Mexican Old Fashioned is The Whiskey Lover’s Cinco de Mayo Treat

There are few times of the year whiskey lovers don't get to join in the fun, but for a lot of us, Cinco de Mayo has always felt like one of the...

10 Sustainability Tips for the At-Home Bartender

We're all about getting the most out of our bourbon - pouring to the last drop, upcyling empty bottles in creative and useful ways, and most importantly, making memories with friends that...
Joyce Nethery at Jeptha Creed

Betting the farm: Joyce Nethery rekindles her passion for distilling at Jeptha Creed

With a background in chemical engineering, Joyce Nethery left her teaching days far behind and rekindled her passion for distilling at Jeptha Creed.
Jane Bowie at Maker's Mark

Pioneering a path: Jane Bowie leads the charge of innovation at Maker’s Mark

Jane Bowie has worked for Maker's Mark for 14 years now. Her intriguing bourbon journey started with an unconventional cover letter.