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The Wintry Cocktail “Remedy” You Need in Your Life!

Old Overholt Remedy 33 INGREDIENTS 1.5 parts Old Overholt Bonded

“Delightful” Rye Whiskey Cocktail named after this late 19th Century US President

If you guessed the namesake of this rye whiskey cocktail was after the 25th US President, William McKinley, well, good on you...

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream Hot Chocolate

INGREDIENTS 3 c. milk 1 c. chopped chocolate 2 oz. Bourbon Cream

“Hot Toddy” meets “Penicillin” for this Medicinal(ish) Warming Wintry Bourbon Cocktail

RECIPE AND TEXT PROVIDED BY OLD DOMINICK DISTILLERY in Memphis, TN. Originally a Scotch cocktail, the Penicillin...

Woodford Reserve is Launching a Special “Bourbon & Chocolate Tasting Guide” for Valentine’s Day

HIGHLIGHTS Woodford Reserve Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall designed a tasting guide that includes 3 different chocolate pairings...

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W.L. WELLER C.Y.P.B. Awarded Best Kentucky Bourbon at “American World Whiskies Awards”

COPY PROVIDED BY BUFFALO TRACE COMMUNICATION The 2021 American World Whiskies Awards honored W.L. Weller C.Y.P.B. (Craft Your Perfect Bourbon) with...

For the First Time in Two Years, Michter’s is Releasing a Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey

Michter's Distillery has announced the release of their Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey for the first time since April of 2019.

Maker’s Mark Announces Third Release of Wood Finishing Series

Maker's Mark has announced the first release in the 2021 Limited Edition Wood Finishing Series FAE-01 - with a fall release to...

Will There Be a New Weller Bourbon in 2021? What We Know

2021 will hopefully bring a lot of great bottles to whiskey lovers, but will a new Weller product be among them? We...

The Wintry Cocktail “Remedy” You Need in Your Life!

Old Overholt Remedy 33 INGREDIENTS 1.5 parts Old Overholt Bonded

$95 Million Dollar Expansion at Brown-Forman’s longtime Louisville Distillery to meet Growing American Whiskey Demand

The distillery expansion in its longtime Louisville home will double the capacity of the facility while remaining on the same parcels of...

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