Woodford Reserve Kentucky Butter Cake

"A simple and delicious cake made even more elegant when topped with berries and whipped cream." Recipe and Photos found here at www.woodfordreserve.com. INGREDIENTS

Maker’s Mark Sausage Balls with Bourbon Mustard

"This classic Southern appetizer works great when paired with a Maker's cocktail or taken along to a potluck party. These cheesy bite-sized beauties are served with a Bourbon Mustard Dipping Sauce that brings...

Bourbon & Blackberry Pop-Tarts

Recipe and Photos by Pate Giltner found here at www.thegandmkitchen.com "Homemade Pop-Tarts! I’m going to say it again just cause it sounds so good, HOMEMADE POP-TARTS! You guys,...

Bourbon Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Recipe and Photos by Pate Giltner found here at www.thegandmkitchen.com "This bourbon chocolate chip banana bread contains all my favorite things, bourbon, chocolate, bananas, and cardamom. It’s as satisfying...

Bourbon Brown Sugar Caramel Peach Sweet Rolls

"Delicious buttermilk sweet rolls filled with brown sugar and freeze dried peaches all drizzled with a bourbon peach caramel sauce." Recipe and Photos found here at www.sweetrecipeas.com

Reward Yourself with this ‘Better Than Sex’ Cocktail

Belle's Cocktail House, in Lexington, Kentucky, and one of our TBR Best Bars has created a cocktail they're calling Better Than Sex. Whiskey, peanut butter, bacon, and chocolate -- this cocktail has...

This Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Iced Coffee is Your New Weekend Wakeup

"Combining the full-bodied, less acidic flavor of cold-brewed coffee with decadent chocolate bitters, this Basil Hayden's Bourbon Iced Coffee accentuates the subtle char notes of Basil Hayden's Bourbon." Recipe and Photo found here...

Five Easy Tips to Step Up Your Cocktail Skills

With all the different bourbons on back bars and store shelves today, it's easy to fall into the trap of taking neat pours of everything, just to be sure you've tried them...