Andrea Wilson in the rick house

From moonshining to Michter’s: Andrea Wilson recalls what ignited her passion for distilling

Seven years ago this summer, Andrea Wilson made the decision to join the team of the up-and-coming Michter’s Distillery after 10+ years working for spirits giant Diageo. Michter’s was just getting ready to open its first...
Alex Castle

Memphis Belle: Alex Castle walks the tightrope between tradition and experimentation at Old Dominick

Alex Castle has been involved with just about every step of the new Old Dominick Distillery — from the facility layout to mash bills and more.
Weller Family of Bourbons

Will There Be a New Weller Bourbon in 2021? What We Know

2021 will hopefully bring a lot of great bottles to whiskey lovers, but will a new Weller product be among them? We spoke with Buffalo Trace master distiller Harlen Wheatley about that very question. Weller...
Booker's Rye. Courtesy Beam Suntory.

Exclusive: Booker’s Rye Could Return as Early as 2021

Will we see a second batch of Booker's Rye in 2021? Beam distiller Freddie Noe speculates on the future of Booker's Rye releases in an exclusive interview.

Tom Bulleit’s “Bulleit Proof” is the Story Behind One of Bartenders’ Best-Loved Brands

In the 1980s, bourbon wasn’t booming, and Tom Bulliet was a young lawyer already working in a career he loved. No one would have advised him to start a bourbon brand – bourbon was...

Crazy Naz, Jumanji, Russian Diamond, and MGP: How Smoke Wagon Became the Latest Whiskey...

There’s always controversy on whiskey Facebook and in the first few days of 2020, it was centered around a guy who goes by the name “Crazy Naz.” Naz Yousif, the proprietor of a San...

Exclusive Interview: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey to Plant One Million Trees with American Forests

The Bourbon Review sat down for an exclusive interview with Sophie Kelly of Diageo and Eric Sprague of American Forests to discuss their new partnership committed to planting one million trees across America in...

Do Batches Matter?

What’s the difference between batch one and batch two of that whiskey you’re searching for, and should you care? Bourbon Review asked the best whiskey makers to find out. My friend Cameron is a Booker’s...