10 Health Related Benefits of Drinking Bourbon (Responsibly)

The following health related article was originally posted by Bourbon Classic, a week long celebration of the Bourbon, Culinary, and Cocktail Arts in Louisville, Kentucky. There are limited tickets remaining for the 2024...

A Bourbon and Cheese Pairing With Tim Gaddis

Story by Tim Gaddis and Bourbon Review Staff Photos by Victor Sizemore Happy National Cheese Day! Originally published in our Spring 2015 Issue, trying this Bourbon and Cheese pairing is the perfect way to celebrate. Not everyone...

Holiday Spirits

Entertain Your Taste Buds This Winter With Drink Recipes From An Expert Story By Justin Thompson Drink Notes Provided By Josh Durr For this season’s drink recipes The Bourbon Review sought help from cocktail expert Josh Durr....
The Tasting Bar at Castle and Key Distillery. Photo courtesy Castle and Key.

Five SEC Teams Near Great Distilleries Worth Visiting

We know college football fans get excited about their pilgrimage to the stadium to watch their favorite team on game day. But what if we told you that road trip could loop in some...
Midnight Stinger at The Dorsey

Enjoy The Last Warm Days of the Year with These 10 Bourbon Cocktails

Fall is upon us, but these last couple of weeks have felt more like Summer than scarf weather. Before it feels right to even consider anything with the words "pumpkin" or "spice" in the...

Bourbon and Barbecue

Give your grill out a Kentucky twist by adding the state's favorite spirit to your sauce. Photos and Recipes by Victor Sizemore When the long weekend kicks off, so does barbecue season. Bourbon and barbecue are...
Pimiento Beer Cheese Dip. Photo by Sara Heegaard.

This Pimiento Beer Cheese is the Perfect Party Dip

When I’m having trouble convincing myself to go to a party, there’s usually one thing that can set me straight: cheese dip. I’m not talking about the canned or jarred stuff, though even those...
The Nebuchadnezzar: a lamb fat washed bourbon cocktail from Bavel in Los Angeles.

Your Fall Brunch Cocktail Calls for Meat

Brunch: the only meal of the week where you’re not only allowed, but encouraged to drink alcohol with a plate of pancakes. The decadent dining phenomenon of brunch deserves a cocktail or two, whether...