Bacon and Bourbon

Pairing High-Proof Sour Mash With Our Favorite Part Of Swine Story by Steve Coomes Photos by Victor Sizemore Like Bourbon, bacon has yet to reach the zenith of its popularity, and for good reason. Few cuts of...

Ginger & Pear Bourbon Cocktail

Recipe by Cheyanne Bany Find more here on No Spoon Necessary With fruity pear, warm ginger, a hint of honey sweetness and a generous splash of boozy bourbon, this Ginger & Pear Bourbon Cocktail is a...

National Hot Toddy Day with Wild Turkey

Photo and Recipe Wild Turkey As Kentucky prepares for 8 inches of snow, The Bourbon Review is getting ready to brave the weather with Wild Turkey! Hot Toddies have been a favorite “medicinal” cocktail since...

Charleston Brown Water Society Punch

In Charleston, South Carolina, nearly every social club of note has its signature drink—a tradition that dates back at least as far as the late eighteenth century, when the dashing young socialites who called...
Shelbyville isn't just for backelor parties.

How to Have The Ultimate Girls’ Weekend in Shelbyville, Kentucky

Kentucky isn't just for bachelor parties. The smaller towns of 2019 are increasingly cozy, culture-filled gems bursting with culinary and beverage explorers, quirky shops and storefronts, and a whole lot of local charm. Case...

Star Hill Provisions Heats Up This Summer at Maker’s Mark

The Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, Kentucky has become known for more than just Bourbon - it’s now a culinary destination as well. Chef-in-residence Newman Miller has another extraordinary season at Star Hill Provisions...
Ghost Coast Distillery

This Georgia Distillery Is Making An American “Chartreuse”

Plenty of towns have a local distillery blending its own whiskey, but not all of them make their own version of Chartreuse, an herbal liqueur produced in France from 130 different herbs...

Casey Jones Distillery Plans Lights Out Festival for Solar Eclipse Weekend

Story Caroline Paulus Photos Casey Jones As if Bourbon wasn't enough proof that the Heavens smile on Kentucky, the state is also lucky enough to be home to prime viewing ground for the upcoming complete solar...