The Snake Oil: A Bitter, Boozy Cocktail Not For the Faint of Heart

If you’re familiar with the spirits industry, you may have encountered what’s called a Bartender’s Handshake: a shot of Fernet Branca, the painfully herbal digestif that industry folks shoot back as a matter of pride. Even more...

Neat and Sweet: Bourbon And Girl Scout Cookies

Story: Elizabeth Roach Photos: Victor Sizemore One of the things that make Bourbon my favorite spirit is the combination of culinary companions that pair so well with it. Country ham, chocolates, nuts of every sort and...
Old Overholt Remedy 33

The Wintry Cocktail “Remedy” You Need in Your Life!

Old Overholt Remedy 33 INGREDIENTS 1.5 parts Old Overholt Bonded .5 parts OJ (fresh) Bar spoon spicy...

Casey Jones Distillery Plans Lights Out Festival for Solar Eclipse Weekend

Story Caroline Paulus Photos Casey Jones As if Bourbon wasn't enough proof that the Heavens smile on Kentucky, the state is also lucky enough to be home to prime viewing ground for the upcoming complete solar...

Maker’s 46 Strawberry Mint Julep

Recipe by Jason Curtsinger Maker’s Mark has declared April 5th - May 5th (Derby Day) Mint Julep Month, and here at the Bourbon Review we’re only too happy to celebrate. Maker’s Mark is using this...
The Norman Hotel Bar.

How to Drink in Tel Aviv: An Expert Guide

Tel Aviv is a dazzling jewel in the Mediterranean, and one that’s easy to fall in love with in your first hours of visiting the seaside oasis. It’s a party city, but...

This “Fall Forward” Cocktail is Perfect For Long, Chilly Nights

The days are shorter and the nights are colder - and this year, let's be real, that's way more excuses than we need for a stiff drink. Make the most of nights...

Guinness is Bringing us Two New Bourbon Barrel Aged Stouts For the Holiday Season

Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Maryland is bringing us two bourbon barrel aged stouts just in time for winter weather. On November 5th, International Stout Day, Guinness announced...