PAPPYLAND is Now in Paperback, Just in Time for Father’s Day

New York Times Bestseller "Pappyland" has just made its paperback debut, just in the nick of time for that Father's Day gift you need. Author and ESPN Senior Writer, Wright Thompson, ...
Taylorton Station’s bar seats 10 for the Curated Cocktail Experience. Photo Courtesy Castle & Key.

Castle & Key Celebrates Spring with the Opening of Taylorton Station

Castle & Key is now inviting guests to enjoy the beautifully restored distillery with the reopening of Taylorton Station, and you don't have to sign up for a distillery tour to get in on...
Guanajuato Old-Fashioned (recipe by Jono Moratis). Courtesy Food & City .

This Mexican Old Fashioned is The Whiskey Lover’s Cinco de Mayo Treat

There are few times of the year whiskey lovers don't get to join in the fun, but for a lot of us, Cinco de Mayo has always felt like one of the rare times...
The massive selection in the modestly-sized Copper & Oak bar. Photo Courtesy Copper & Oak.

Where to Drink: Copper & Oak, New York’s Smallest Big Bar

Don’t confuse Copper & Oak for a cocktail bar. You won’t find mixed drinks, here; don’t ask for a twist, or even a splash of soda. No, you’re here for Copper & Oak’s unbelievable catalogue of...
Game of Thrones Whisky Series by Diageo

Can You Predict How Game of Thrones Ends with Whisky?

The final season of Game of Thrones is one of the most hotly anticipated television events in recent memory, and speculation abounds about exactly what happens at the end. For a show that has built...

Do Batches Matter?

What’s the difference between batch one and batch two of that whiskey you’re searching for, and should you care? Bourbon Review asked the best whiskey makers to find out. My friend Cameron is a Booker’s...
Lone Whisker 12-Year Bourbon.

Man’s Other Best Friends: Five Bottles of Whiskey Named for Beloved Animals

From its first moments as "white dog" whiskey seems to share a lot in common with animals. They're both, for one, equally loved by many good people. They both stay fondly in your memory...

A Star-Studded Cast Is Bringing Sweetens Cove Spirits to Tennessee

A brand new bourbon is coming home to Tennessee, complete with a touching backstory and a star-studded group of both staff and backers. Meet Sweetens Cove - but don't call it a celebrity bourbon. The...