Basil Hayden’s Lemon Julep

Derby Day may have passed, but mint julep season is far from over. Make this summer-approved Lemon Julep all weekend long to celebrate sun, spring, and your favorite lady! The low-proof Basil Hayden’s blends...

Bourbon and Barbecue

Give your grill out a Kentucky twist by adding the state's favorite spirit to your sauce. Photos and Recipes by Victor Sizemore When the long weekend kicks off, so does barbecue season. Bourbon and barbecue are...

Burning Bourbon : Four Smoked Cocktail Recipes That Will Have You Playing With Fire

Photos and Story - Caroline Paulus Recipes - Jason Bartlett While bitters may be the most popular way to add flavor to a cocktail without taking up space, smokers are coming on the scene to add...

Celebrating Pi Day the Bourbon Way

Story by Robbie Clark  |  Photos by Emily Moseley Lots of chefs have found Bourbon to be a versatile ingredient no matter what they are preparing, with pies being no exception. As baked pastries rule the...

Mix it Up with Old Forester Cocktail Provisions Recipes

PERFECT OLD FASHIONED Ingredients 2 oz Old Forester 100 Proof 0.5 oz Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup Directions Combine ingredients in mixing glass, stir with ice, strain over large ice cube in double old fashioned glass and garnish with lemon...

Bulleit Bacon Bloody Mary

Photo and Recipe by Bulleit Bourbon Happy New Year, Bourbon lovers! January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day - and for good reason. Cure your hangover with a little hair of the dog and try...

BOURBON & BACON: The Ultimate Guide to the South’s Favorite Food Groups

Originally published in The Bourbon Review Fall 2014 Best-selling author and bona fide Southern gentleman Morgan Murphy is back with a love letter to two of the smokiest and most American flavors known to man,...

Holiday Spirits

Entertain Your Taste Buds This Winter With Drink Recipes From An Expert Story By Justin Thompson Drink Notes Provided By Josh Durr For this season’s drink recipes The Bourbon Review sought help from cocktail expert Josh Durr....