The Best After-Dinner Cocktails for Thanksgiving Day

Somewhere in between carving the turkey and going into a coma on the couch to watch football, drinking a cocktail may be in order on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t entertain your uncle’s idea of a Jose...

The Federal Government is Coming for your Moderate Bourbon Habit

Since 1995, both hard science (and common sense) have led to the government's recommendation that bourbon lovers can safely enjoy two nightly pours, without going over the top of course. Now, just...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2020

It’s been a tough year for bourbon bars. From tiny taverns in one horse towns to the sleekest lounges in the biggest cities, they’ve needed every bit of our support. Some bars have been...

The 2020 Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series Release is Distillery’s First Foray into Blending

Maker's Mark has announced the launch of the Wood Finishing Series 2020 Limited Release, the brand's first ever blend of bourbons. The Loretto distillery launched their Wood Finishing...

Blanton’s Straight From the Barrel is Coming to Shelves in the U.S.

Just months after Buffalo Trace Distillery announced they'd be sneaking a small allocation of Blanton's Gold out to the U.S., they've promised another rare annual single barrel release with Blanton's Straight From...

This Fall’s Old Fitzgerald will be First 14-Year Release Outside the Distillery

Heaven Hill has announced the Fall 2020 release of their coveted Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond decanters, the first 14-year-old expression in the line available outside the distillery. Each...

The Fourth Chapter of Little Book is a Touching Nod to Fred Noe

When Jim Beam eighth generation distiller Freddie Noe began blending his top-shelf bottles in the Little Book Line, he was all about the experimentation. Drawing on creative malt and corn whiskeys and...

For the First Time, King of Kentucky Will See Distribution Outside KY

Brown-Forman's acclaimed annual King of Kentucky release will be arriving soon, and for the first time in it's three year run, it will be heading to shelves outside its home state.