You Can Buy Whiskey from a Vending Machine at this London Hotel

The London bar scene has taken whiskey drinking into the future with a vending machine that sells whiskey in soft, user-friendly pouches. Whisky-Me, a UK-based whiskey monthly subscription service, has recently launched a way to...
The Nebuchadnezzar: a lamb fat washed bourbon cocktail from Bavel in Los Angeles.

Your Fall Brunch Cocktail Calls for Meat

Brunch: the only meal of the week where you’re not only allowed, but encouraged to drink alcohol with a plate of pancakes. The decadent dining phenomenon of brunch deserves a cocktail or two, whether...
Stranahan's Rob Dietrich

Everything You Need to Know About High Altitude Whiskey-Making

As the thirst for American whiskey continues to grow, so too does its diversity of provenance. Not long ago a connoisseur might shun bourbons and ryes born beyond the state lines of Kentucky, Tennessee,...
Amrut Fusion. Courtesy Amrut Indian Whisky.

Indian Whisky: Everything You Need to Know

The meteoric rise of Asian single malt is perhaps the most widely reported whisky story of the past decade. Japan and Taiwan have positioned themselves at the center of the spectacle, birthing liquids that...
Chivas Regal Blending Kit. Courtesy Chivas.

Gift a Whisky Lover’s Chemistry Set with this Home Blending Kit from Chivas

Remember how much fun it was to play with beakers and pipettes of randomly colored liquids in grade school? You can now transform those childhood first chemistry set memories into an adult-only gift with...

Live Like a Master Distiller at Jim Beam’s New Airbnb

Jim Beam is welcoming guests to their American Stillhouse in a whole new way - with $23/night stays on Airbnb. That's right - for just the price of a bottle of Jim Beam Black, you...

The Ultimate Bourbon Lovers Gift Guide

While we know better than anyone that what bourbon lovers really want under the tree is bourbon, it can hard to shop for the collector who has everything. So we scoured our shop, Bourbon...

3 High End Ice Molds an Avid Whiskey Drinker Needs to Own

When it comes to drinking cocktails and spirits, there are a few factors that really make a difference aesthetically: the color (and garnish in the context of cocktails), the glassware, and the ice. While...