The Closing Argument Cocktail. Credit: Kelly Puleio.

A Batch-able Rye Last Word That’s Perfect for Parties

Even the most dedicated home cocktail enthusiast knows that making drinks one at a time can be tedious. And that if you’re going to buy a bottle of liqueur or amaro, you don’t want...
Norlan Drave Pipette and Carafe. Photo Credit Norlan.

Norlan Whiskey Glass Upgrades With New Accessories: Water Adding Pipette and Carafe

While the ever ubiquitous Glencairn glass seems to own the whiskey market by volume, there's something to be said for the design-focused products of tasting glassmaker Norlan. Case in point: the recently releases Drave Water...

7 Bottled-in-Bond Whiskeys You Must Try in 2019

It's time to give Bottled-in-Bond whiskeys the appreciation they deserve, and we have seven bottles you should try that prove our point in 2019. Bottled in Bond has had an important and beneficial impact on...
The Flintlock, celebrating Texas Independence Day.

Celebrate Texas Independence Day With The Flintlock Cocktail

Mess with some liquids from Texas this weekend and celebrate Texas Independence Day with the perfect bourbon cocktail: The Flintlock. March 2 marks the anniversary of the signing of Texas's Declaration of Independence from Mexico...
Haagen-Dazs Spirit-Infused Ice Creams. Courtesy Haagen-Dazs

Bourbon Ice Cream Flavors From Haagen-Dazs Are Here

Get ready for a new kind of nightcap with the debut of seven spirit-infused ice cream flavors from Haagen-Dazs, including two bourbon favorites. The 7 new spirited flavors include Irish Cream Brownie, Rum Tres Leches, Bourbon...
The James Beard Foundation

These Five Whiskey Makers Are in the Running for James Beard Awards

As craft whiskey comes of age, more than the public has taken notice. This year a quarter of the James Beard Nominees for Best Wine, Spirits, or Beer Producer were whiskey makers. The list includes...
The Patio at Hotel Covington. Courtesy meetNKY.

The B-Line Expands with Two New Bourbon Stops

Northern Kentucky's Bourbon B-Line has announced two new stops to a growing list of whiskey experiences in the region. The new hotspots include the Sparta, Kentucky-based Neeley Family Distillery and the upscale restaurant and bar...

5 Drool-Worthy Treats from Bourbon Classic’s Cocktail & Culinary Challenge

Kentucky's finest distilleries, restaurants, and farms took center stage at The Bourbon Classic's Cocktail & Culinary Challenge last Friday. Louisville, Kentucky's best restaurants teamed with distilleries to compete for the coveted Bourbon Classic barrel...