Kentucky & Bourbon (Part 1) | Pioneer through Prohibition

Story by Carla Carlton Introduction by Justin Thompson Part I of a two part series. Read Part II here. Kentucky will celebrate 225 years of statehood June 1st of this year. Many of the Bluegrass State's first...

Bourbon Basics – American White Oak Barrels

Head back to Bourbon school with The Bourbon Review all throughout the month of August! Today, we'll talk some science about the American White Oak wood used and charred in all Bourbon barrels. So why...

14 Quirky Liquor Laws Across the Country

Kentucky’s liquor laws have certainly run the gamut over the last century. During Prohibition, some distilleries, notably the one today named Buffalo Trace, remained open to produce Bourbon for “medicinal purposes,” while others shuttered...

Bourbon SATs – The 7 Vocab Words You Might Not Know

Calm those pre-test jitters with a Bourbon neat, and test your Bourbon smarts with a little vocabulary quiz! While some of these terms come naturally to the Bourbon drinker, others are more obscure. 1. Cenosillicaphobia...

Back to Bourbon School

Midway University’s new MBA specialization offers students the chance to participate in Kentucky’s booming Bourbon world. For a Bourbon lover, visiting different distilleries can be considered a type of religious experience. Stitzel-Weller, for example, touts...

Nine Things You Might Not Know About Bourbon

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J.W. Dant is the $15 Bottle You Need to Build Your Bourbon Bunker

Imagine arriving in Bardstown on your first trip to the Bourbon Trail, with your eyes peeled for rare finds like King of Kentucky that just don’t seem to make it to shelves...

Here’s How to Decode Elijah Craig (And Larceny) Barrel Proof Labels

UPDATED: Feb 10th, 2021 Barrel proof bourbon drinkers rejoice - the latest release of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof and Larceny Barrel Proof are beginning to hit shelves across the...