Best Bourbon Bars Midwest Regin

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2021 – MIDWEST

Our Midwest Region is home to some of our favorite long standing concentration of bars in Chicago, our best-represented city on the list outside Kentucky. From Chicago's 20+ year old Bourbon...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2019 – South Region

<<< PREVIOUS | Midwest Region                                     West Region | NEXT>>> Bourbon bars in the south are more likely than other...
The massive selection in the modestly-sized Copper & Oak bar. Photo Courtesy Copper & Oak.

Where to Drink: Copper & Oak, New York’s Smallest Big Bar

Don’t confuse Copper & Oak for a cocktail bar. You won’t find mixed drinks, here; don’t ask for a twist, or even a splash of soda. No, you’re here for Copper & Oak’s unbelievable catalogue of...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2019 – Midwest Region

<<< PREVIOUS | East Region                                            South Region | NEXT>>> The Best Bourbon Bars in the...

TOP 10 Most Read Stories of 2022

We are very grateful for you, our viewership. Here's to you and to a fantastic New Year! With that said, we are excited to present you with 2022's TOP 10 MOST READ...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2020 – South Region

<<< PREVIOUS | Midwest Region                                     West Region | NEXT>>> Old Hickory Whiskey Bar in Pensacola, Florida,...
Watch Hill Proper

Louisville’s “Watch Hill Proper” is MUST SEE BOURBON SPOT with 1,500+ American Whiskies

LOUISVILLE, KY - "Watch Hill Proper" grand opening 3pm Friday, April 8th within Norton Commons community. Photo: Seth Thompson It's Bourbon. It's bougie. ...

America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2020

It’s been a tough year for bourbon bars. From tiny taverns in one horse towns to the sleekest lounges in the biggest cities, they’ve needed every bit of our support. Some bars have been...