America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2020 – Midwest Region

Americas Best Bourbon Bars 2020 Midwest Region.

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Julep Cocktail Club in Kansas City. Photo Credit Julep Cocktail Club.

Our Midwest list of Best Bourbon Bars has expanded this year, adding new names from Julep Cocktail Club in Kansas City to Matchstick Restaurant & Spirits in Minneapolis. We love the concentration of bars in Chicago, our best-represented city on the list outside Kentucky, and we love even more seeing the example of Midwestern hospitality that these bars set. A nod to Chicago’s Longman & Eagle for hosting the team from Milk Room for a special event of pours and paired small plates while Milk Room is temporarily closed. A very special shout out goes to BBQ Saloon in St. Louis, who served up hundreds of meals for emergency room workers at the nearby hospital during the worst of Covid. We’re ready and waiting for all our bars to be open – tap their links for more info on how you can support them in tough times. Read on for the best in the Midwest!

Big Star Chicago boasts a slew of barrel picks, including this special Buffalo Trace! Photo Credit Big Star.

Big Star, Chicago, IL

Sable, Chicago, IL

Longman & Eagle, Chicago, IL

The Office, Chicago, IL

Delilah’s, Chicago, IL

Milk Room, Chicago, IL

Twisted Spoke, Chicago, IL

Mordecai, Chicago, IL

Untitled Supper Club, Chicago, IL

Butter Run Saloon, St. Clair Shores, MI

The Sugar House, Detroit, MI

Cask & Ale, Madison, WI

MatchStick Restaurant and Spirits, Stillwater, MN

The Monarch, Wichita, KS

Single Barrel, Lincoln, NE

BBQ Saloon, St. Louis, MO

Sanctuaria, St. Louis, MO

J.O.B. Public House, Springfield, MO

Julep Cocktail Club, Kansas City, MO

Oak And Embers Tavern, Chesterland, OH

The Century Bar, Dayton, OH

OPA Grill & Tavern, Delaware, OH

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Untitled Supper Club’s back bar is the thing of bourbon dreams. Photo Credit Untitled.

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