America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2021

Best Bourbon Bars

SOS for Our Beloved Bourbon Bars!

2021 has been yet another devastatingly difficult year for bourbon bars. From tiny taverns in one horse towns to the sleekest lounges in the biggest cities, they’ve needed every bit of our support. Some bars have been closed for months, waiting for a safe time to reopen. Some have hustled through the dark days, bottling drinks to go and selling bourbon by the bottle, doubling down on sanitizing, scrambling to set up outdoor dining, and working every shift to the fullest. And still others have shut their doors for good, with one last call closing out years of memories.

It is crucial to honor our favorite bars, and in partnership with Buffalo Trace, we’ve never been more proud to bring you our list of America’s Best Bourbon Bars. Every year since 2013, our editorial board has combed the country and listened to our social media followers to find the places that have the most expansive whiskey lists, mix the most exciting cocktails, select the best single barrels, and most importantly – have a team of hardworking, passionate, and knowledgeable bourbon lovers behind the bar. 

‘Warren’. New spot in Del Ray, FL. SOUTH REGION Courtesy Photo

Lets support our beloved Bourbon bar destinations and help them to continue battling and overcoming the adversity of yet another pandemic flare up, wild fires, hurricanes, and whatever else mother nature has in store. Bourbon itself is one tough cookie of persistence as we know our signature hospitality industry embodies the same grit and resilience!

We’ve divided our list into FIVE REGIONS – each known for something special. With 42 bars in Bourbon Country, 14 in the Northeast, 23 in the Midwest, 37 in the South, and 24 in the West, our 2021 list is our longest yet – and every bar on it deserves the accolade. 

So take this as your happy hour hall pass, your day drinking patio permit, or whatever else you need to go see your favorite local bourbon bar. We hope our list helps you hunt down a special spot in your corner of the country – and we hope you raise a glass to all the hard work they’ve put in this year.

Without further adieu, cheers to all the amazing Bourbon bars out there, pull up a Bourbon, and lets get to celebrating!

FIVE REGIONS: America’s Best Bourbon Bars