Where to Drink Cocktails in Paris: An Expert Guide

France is among the greatest drinking countries in the world, responsible for producing the likes of champagne, cognac, absinthe, chartreuse, pastis, and others. And Paris—the City of Lights and the country’s capital—is the best...
The Norman Hotel Bar.

How to Drink in Tel Aviv: An Expert Guide

Tel Aviv is a dazzling jewel in the Mediterranean, and one that’s easy to fall in love with in your first hours of visiting the seaside oasis. It’s a party city, but...
Tokyo. Photo by Natalie Compton.

Where to Drink Whiskey in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the best places in the world for the whisk(e)y lover, and not just because Japan excels at making fantastic whisky. The capital city is populated with every kind of bar...

More Bourbon Lovers Than Ever are Headed to Buffalo Trace

The visitor experiences at Buffalo Trace have something for everyone - a hard hat tour for those who want to play distiller for a day, the E. H. Taylor tour through an archaeological site...
The Patio at Hotel Covington. Courtesy meetNKY.

The B-Line Expands with Two New Bourbon Stops

Northern Kentucky's Bourbon B-Line has announced two new stops to a growing list of whiskey experiences in the region. The new hotspots include the Sparta, Kentucky-based Neeley Family Distillery and the upscale restaurant and bar...
Sugar Maple surveys her kingdom at Nelson's Greenbriar Distillery, where she's affectionately known as "The Queen." Credit @ngbdistillery on Instagram.

Distillery Cats: Five Dutiful Whiskey Felines You Should Know

The whiskey world is always quick to recognize the contributions of its master distillers, but today we're recognizing an equally loyal, omnipresent force in whiskey making: the distillery cat. Though you may have only recently...

BREAKING: Kentucky’s House Bill 415 Has Passed, Allowing Distilleries to Ship Bourbon to Your...

UPDATE 3/26: HOORAY! A version of House Bill 415 has passed, allowing distilleries to ship bourbon directly to consumers. Kentucky Distilleries (and breweries/wineries) will be allowed to ship to reciprocal states through...

Where to Drink: San Francisco’s Elixir Bar, Open Since 1858

There are certain bars that seem perfectly suited to drinking whiskey. Some are rich with mahogany and leather, the kind of place you’d want to light up a cigar; others, relaxed and easy, with...