The History of Stirrup Cups and Where You Can Purchase Your Own

You've probably seen stirrup cups looking trophy-like on bar carts or on home bars, but they're more than just decoration. They're rich in history and are a barware piece that will never...
Samuels House: Living Room

Unbelievable New but Old Destination Soon Opening in Bourbon Country: “The Samuels House”

In 1954, Margie and her husband Bill Samuels Sr. founded a little ol' Bourbon company named Maker's Mark. I wonder if they had any idea then that their adorable Ma' and...

Bourbon Black Friday Deals 2020

Bourbon Outfitter Bourbon Outfitter is offering Black Friday deals on both bottles of bourbon and bourbon merchandise all weekend long with their sale...

Face Masks (and other Pandemic Essentials) for Bourbon Lovers and Where to Find Them

It looks like we're going to be wearing face masks for a while, which is all the more reason to buy one that you really like! The CDC has been reporting that...
Amazon Prime Day

AMAZON PRIME DAY DEALS: 16 Whiskey Things To Improve Your Life

It's Christmas in July, aka AMAZON PRIME DAY. Who doesn't love the thrill of the deal? For some (OK, a lot of us), the hunt surpasses the deal itself....

Bourbon and the Groom

Six small touches to make your groomsmen stand out - and their dressing room experience special! Story Caroline Paulus Photos Victor Sizemore We've always been told that a wedding is the bride's day. Months are spent shopping...
Red Hook Rye. Photo Courtesy Justins' House of Bourbon.

This Bottle of Red Hook Rye is One of the Rarest, Most Expensive Willetts...

Every whiskey collector has a unicorn bottle they're hunting. Whether you take part in liquor store lotteries, pop into every county-line shop you pass on the side of the road, or scour Facebook groups...

26th Kentucky Bourbon Festival Delivers New Events, Premium Experiences

Story by Steve Coomes Just because the Kentucky Bourbon Festival celebrates Kentucky’s whiskey’s history, heritage, and culture, that’s not stopping the festival itself from modernizing many of its events and programs. Yet as Jill Hawkins describes...