Charcuterie Board. Photo by Natalie Compton.

How to Build The Perfect Charcuterie Board (and Bourbon Pairing) Tonight

As the weather warms and social calendars start to blossom again, entertaining responsibilities are also going to return anew. In times like this, it’s good to keep an easy recipe in your back pocket, whether...

Face Masks (and other Pandemic Essentials) for Bourbon Lovers and Where to Find Them

It looks like we're going to be wearing face masks for a while, which is all the more reason to buy one that you really like! The CDC has been reporting that people wear...
Samuels House: Living Room

Unbelievable New but Old Destination Soon Opening in Bourbon Country: “The Samuels House”

In 1954, Margie and her husband Bill Samuels Sr. founded a little ol' Bourbon company named Maker's Mark. I wonder if they had any idea then that their adorable Ma' and Pa' startup...
Bourbon and Cheese make for a great pairing. Photo by Maggie Kimberl.

Louisville’s “Cheese Dude” Will Eaves Wants Your Bourbon Pairings to Abide

In the world of food and drink pairings whiskey is often second fiddle to wine, but Louisville's Cheese Dude Will Eaves wants you to know what you've been missing. Eaves first discovered his love of...

The Best Whiskey Advent Calendars to Keep Your Holidays Happy

During the month of December, most people spend their time rushing around trying to find deals on presents for the whole family. There's a way to reward yourself for all that giving--ending each night by...

I Drink Bourbon, and I Know Things

Bourbon Cocktails for Your Game of Thrones Season Premier Party Story by Caroline Paulus Photos Courtesy of Belles Cocktail House and Drink Company Next Sunday, Game of Thrones fans around the world will gather to watch the...

Bourbon Distilleries Adding a New Product to Their Liquor Lineup: Hand Sanitizer

Several Kentucky bourbon distilleries are shifting from making alcohol for drinking, to making alcohol to protect the public against coronavirus. Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co., Rabbit Hole Distillery, Woodford Reserve Distillery, Old Forester Distillery, and Wilderness...

14 Quirky Liquor Laws Across the Country

Kentucky’s liquor laws have certainly run the gamut over the last century. During Prohibition, some distilleries, notably the one today named Buffalo Trace, remained open to produce Bourbon for “medicinal purposes,” while others shuttered...