5 Fancy New Whiskeys to Sip While Drowning Your Derby Sorrows

Check on your friends in Kentucky - this weekend would have been the running of the 146th Kentucky Derby, and we are not okay without it. The race Hunter S. Thompson called...

TBR’s Guide to Staying at Home for Bourbon Lovers

At this point, everyone across the globe is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyday life has pretty much gone by the wayside: school is cancelled, people are working from home,...
Norlan Drave Pipette and Carafe. Photo Credit Norlan.

Norlan Whiskey Glass Upgrades With New Accessories: Water Adding Pipette and Carafe

While the ever ubiquitous Glencairn glass seems to own the whiskey market by volume, there's something to be said for the design-focused products of tasting glassmaker Norlan. Case in point: the recently releases Drave Water...

10 Bartender-Approved Gifts for Any Budget

There’s definitely a bartender in your life, in some capacity or another. And if said bartender is near and dear enough to your heart to receive a holiday gift from you this year, you...

Celebrating Repeal Day with George Remus Repeal Reserve

Repeal Reserve’s Namesake George Remus Embodied The Resistance to Prohibition December 5th marks 84 years since the end of Prohibition, and Repeal Day parties all over the country are pouring perfectly legal spirits to celebrate. The...

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day – Bourbon Style

Story by Caroline Paulus and Shea Davidson The third Sunday of each July is designated as National Ice Cream Day, and the ladies here at The Bourbon Review were only too happy to celebrate. We've...

Kentucky Bourbon Festival Ticket Giveaways

The Bourbon Review is giving away tickets to Boots & Bourbon and Flights of Bourbon at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival! Keep an eye on our social media this week to see how to get...

Patriotic Pours to Sip this Presidents’ Day

While the US presidents don’t always agree on their policies, we have certainly had our share of drinkers at the helm. Notable whiskey enthusiasts who held the highest office in the land include Harry...