The Norman Hotel Bar.

How to Drink in Tel Aviv: An Expert Guide

Tel Aviv is a dazzling jewel in the Mediterranean, and one that’s easy to fall in love with in your first hours of visiting the seaside oasis. It’s a party city, but...

Kentucky Bourbon Festival continues to expand events & engagement opportunities

Story & Interview by Bob Eidson It's that time of year when the mornings start out cool & refreshing, but by noon in the Bluegrass, you know you're still in the humid Ohio Valley. The...

The Perfect Bourbon Country Getaway Weekend in Shelbyville, Kentucky

Kentucky is a commonwealth full of secrets. Bourbon was one such secret for decades, but a sudden and much-deserved rise in popularity over the last two decades has brought the world’s attention to bear...

Handcrafting Heritage with Lakeside Woodworks

Nick Arlinghaus, Chris Hurst, and Ryan Corrigan create more than furniture - they help create memories In 2013, Nick Arlinghaus was working in Kentucky in remodel and construction, but he had a passion for in-shop...

The Best Places to Stay in Bourbon Country

Story Intro Bob Eidson Best Places Descriptions Caroline Paulus Our obsession with the Bourbon Lifestyle continues with our inaugural list of the Best Places to Stay in Bourbon Country. The Bourbon Tourism market in Kentucky is...

Best of Bourbon – June 2018

June had some amazing news for Bourbon lovers - special bottlings, limited edition releases, and an ease on allocations out of Buffalo Trace mean there’s plenty to celebrate this summer. Read on to see...

Ultimate Weller Barrel Pick Experience

/**/ Join Bob Eidson, a founder of The Bourbon Review for a once-in-a-lifetime barrel pick experience. Taste straight from the barrels at one of the longest operating...

5 Similarities Between Bourbon and Investing

Justin Sautter, (Sr. Partner at Ky-based Russell Capital Management), & Bob Eidson (Co-Founder, The Bourbon Review) sat down recently to discuss the thematic intersections between Bourbon & Investments. The two share a background in...