Michter’s Toasted Barrel

Michter’s Toasted Barrel


Fans of Bourbon rejoice, because one of America’s oldest whiskey brands, Michter’s Whiskey, is releasing a new and customary American whiskey: US*1 Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon.  Only 2,000 cases will be available starting October 1st 2014 in a nationwide rollout.


This limited bottle is made with Michter’s standard US*1 Bourbon, which is aged to a period of time in which their Master Distiller Willie Pratt considers it’s ready for bottling. Toasted Finish Bourbon  uses an extra step to give it its unique taste. Instead of bottling the Bourbon after the normal maturation length, the whiskey is then transferred to a custom made barrel and aged for an additional period of time for finishing.


This finishing barrel is constructed from wood staves that have been cured by 18 months of air-drying. They are then toasted, not charred like normal Bourbon barrels.  A toasted barrel has been exposed to high levels of heat, but no actual flames have touched the barrel.   This agitates the cellulose in the wood and brings more vanilla and cinnamon flavors to the end of the wood staves, but not as much of the oak flavors.


The new Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon is the same proof (91.4) as its original US*1 Bourbon. Michter’s President Joe Magliocco says this is no coincidence, stating “We wanted our loyal Michter’s customers to be able to sit down, taste each of the two US*1 Bourbon offerings at the same time, and enjoy the difference between the two.”  Magliocco hopes consumers will notice softer tasting notes from his new Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon.  The new Bourbon will be available for around $48 for a 750ml bottle.


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