Jim Beam Quarter Cask & Harvest Bourbon Collection

Jim Beam Quarter Cask and Harvest Bourbon Collection


During the last five years or so, Jim Beam has launched a variety of products.  From the Knob Creek line alone they released a Single Barrel Bourbon, Rye and Smoked Maple Bourbon to accompany their Jim Beam Red Stag flavored whiskies which were also revealed around the same time.  Last year the company released its Jim Beam Signature Craft line of whiskies, which included the Jim Beam Signature Craft 12-Year Bourbon (now a permanent line extension), along with JBSCB Finished with Rare Spanish Brandy as a limited-release.


This fall Beam will introduce a limited release of Jim Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask.  This whiskey is produced by blending four and five year-old Jim Beam Bourbon along with four to six year-old Jim Beam Bourbon that was aged for an additional four to eight years in smaller casks or barrels.   The smaller casks ranged from 15 to 25 gallons, of which some were brand new and others had been used before (which technically doesn’t make this a Bourbon).


Beam blended its flagship Bourbon with other exposed, smaller cask Bourbons to bring out more of the barrel’s oakiness, while at the same time revealing more vanilla notes, and with the hope of balancing the two distinct and different flavors.


Late 2014 will also be the first time consumers can try Beam’s new Jim Beam Harvest Bourbon Collection.  The first two expressions will be Soft Red Wheat and Brown Rice.  Both of these are 11 year-old Bourbons that use the namesake grain as the secondary ingredient and clock in at 90 proof with a suggested price of $49.99 for a 375mL bottle.


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