Jefferson’s Manhattan Barrel Aged Cocktail

Jefferson’s Manhattan Barrel Aged Cocktail


Always expect the unexpected from Trey Zoeller, the President of Jefferson’s Bourbon.  On a recent trip to New York to help out his pal Chef Ed Lee with his book launch, Trey started chatting with the Editor-in-Chief of  Esquire, David Granger.  Trey explained to his new drinking buddy that he only enjoyed cocktails that are barrel-aged, because of his fondness of Bourbon’s oaky flavors.  So when the two decided to continue the night in the Big Apple, Trey made sure to grab the barrel he was pouring drinks from at the book release party and bring it to the next couple of stops to enjoy.


That night spawned the creation of Trey’s recent offering for Bourbon enthusiasts to try something different, with the Jefferson’s The Manhattan Barrel Aged Cocktail.  Don’t let the words Manhattan or Cocktail fool you.  This is a very Bourbon-forward drink, which is exactly the way Trey likes it.


This elixir is made with Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon, then is re-barreled in 53 gallon barrels with sweet and dry vermouth along with black cherry bitters.  It clocks in at 68 proof and the 750ml bottles will hit the shelves in select markets in late November.


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