Maker's Mark Cask Strength

Maker’s Getting Stronger


For years, Bill Samuels Jr. has told thousands of folks that Maker’s does one thing and does it well and that’s make the flagship Marker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky.  It’s the variation that has stood the test of time and many thought it would be the only one the distillery in the small town of Loretto, Ky would ever make.

Maker’s did try to introduce a small run of Maker’s Mark Black Label to international markets a few decades ago, but that didn’t last long.  As Samuels winded down his career as head of the company, he did something that surprised many Maker’s Ambassadors, by releasing Maker’s 46.  As a variation of the original Maker’s Mark that every Bourbon drinker knows, it uses a second method of maturation to manipulate the taste of the original, thus giving delight to those who wanted to see Maker’s be more creative and hope that other SKU’s would be released to the market.

When Bill retired in 2011, his son Rob Samuels took charge and he has recently overseen the launch of a cask-strength Bourbon for their legion of fans.   Maker’s Mark Cask Strength is being released only to bars and restaurants in certain markets this year and clocks in at a respectable 108-114 proof.  The company says it’s using regular Bourbon that’s ready to be bottled as regular Maker’s Mark, and is simply not cutting it at all with water.

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength is currently available only in a  375ml bottle.  Folks familiar with the iconic Maker’s bottle will probably think it’s a “mini-me” version of the original due to its similarity in shape, label and trademarked free flowing red-waxed tassels.  Maker’s hopes to bring more of the product to market next year and have enough to fill some shelves in retail stores (but no promise of that yet).

If your favorite restaurant or watering hole doesn’t have the opportunity to carry this yet, you can pick up a bottle at the Loretto distillery for $39.99.


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