A 1980 Buffalo Trace Bourbon is Coming Soon From The Last Drop Distillers

The Last Drop 1980 Bourbon distilled at Buffalo Trace. Courtesy Photo.

Sazerac’s The Last Drop Distillers have announced the release of their first ever Autumn Collection, a line of three rare, vintage spirits that includes a Bourbon distilled in 1980 at Buffalo Trace Distillery.

The bourbon was aged 20 years at Buffalo Trace before being vatted into stainless steel tanks. It rested in those tanks another 20 years, until Last Drop bottled it this year at 90 proof.

Tasting notes from the brand are glowing. They describe the bourbon as “the definition of flamboyant, with an orchestra of flavors, each flavor harmoniously mingled. It transforms miraculously from a dark chocolate, almond, leather, caramel and oak to a gentle warming spiciness, concluding with a virtual symphony on your palate.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a rare bourbon from The Last Drop Distillers, but it is the oldest. In 2018, they announced the release of a 1982 Buffalo Trace aged 18 years, their first ever American Whiskey. Only 44 bottles of that single barrel release ever made it to market, so this time around fans will have a better chance at finding one.

This year’s Autumn Collection also includes a 43 year old Jamaican Rum and a vintage Cognac from 1959. The 1976 “Overproof” Very Old Jamaican Rum is bottled at 135.8 proof with only 183 bottles available worldwide for a suggested retail price of $3,400. The 1959 Vintage Grand Champagne Cognac comes from a single cask aged over 60 years, leaving only 21 bottles available for sale worldwide. The proof is 81.6 and suggested retail pricing is $5,200. 

Just 240 bottles of The Last Drop Buffalo Trace 1980 Bourbon will be available worldwide for a suggested retail price of $4,600. Link here for more information on The Last Drop.