A $1,500 Woodford Reserve Whiskey in a Baccarat Crystal Decanter is Coming in 2019

Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition.
Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition Whiskey.

Kentucky bourbon distillery Woodford Reserve is partnering with Baccarat crystal to release Woodford Baccarat Edition: a Kentucky bourbon finished in XO cognac barrels.

This travel retail exclusive (yes you’ll have to get it at an airport) will be the first and only American whiskey ever bottled in a Baccarat crystal decanter.

The legendary Paris-based crystal maker has designed a special decanter-style bottle for this release, which will come in Baccarat’s signature red box, with display doors and a crystal stopper bearing Woodford’s initials.

Travel retail exclusives have been gaining some momentum with American whiskey makers; Jack Daniel’s currently has a new product only available for purchase in travel retail.

But this is the first super premium American whiskey to appear at this level.

While the partner companies did not share information on the number of bottles, they did make it clear that there is a time limit on this whiskey.

The first bottles will appear in May 2019, and Baccarat Edition will be available for exactly one year before it’s gone.

Woodford parent company Brown Forman has been in the news the last few weeks with a bunch of new releases, including a new Old Forester President’s Choice, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2018, and most recently a pair of Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection releases slated for this month.

All of those can be found without a passport, though. Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition is Duty Free only, which means you’ll need to be entering or leaving a country with it to get a bottle (not to mention have $1,500 to spend).