Wilderness Trail Distillery will Expand Whiskey Making Capacity in 2022

Wilderness Trail Distillery
Fermentation tanks at Wilderness Trail Distillery. Courtesy Image

The growth just can’t stop, won’t stop in Bourbon Country.

Good news from Danville, Kentucky this week as Wilderness Trail Distillery has announced plans to increase its daily production of Bourbon and rye whiskey via expanding its fermentation capacity. Wilderness Trail Distillery is new relatively speaking, est. 2012, but they are making some serious noise in the higher quality circles of American Whiskey drinkers.

In total, 6 new fermenters will be added from the world renown Vendome Copper & Brass in Louisville.

“We are excited to add these fermenters for additional capacity and expanded fermentation times. The expansion will allow us to increase the number of barrels we produce per day and provide a lot more flexibility in our overall operations as we continue to grow,” says the distillery’s co-founder and President Shane Baker.

Half of the fermenters, 4,000-gallons each, will be installed within the original distillery. Construction for the new ferm-house and the other three 20,000-gallon fermenters are slated to begin in early 2022.

The fermentation expansion is not the only area where Wilderness Trail is expanding. The distillery’s eighth warehouse, visible from Ky. 34, is almost complete. Warehouse K will house 24,624-barrels. Buzick Construction of Bardstown will build five more warehouses on the property’s southern ridge.

“We have been in constant construction since 2011 and we have a few more years of building to go before we begin rotating our larger warehouses with space of our new production each year. We produce 24/7, 350 days a year and soon will have produced a quarter million barrels and we are just blessed to be able to do what we do.” Baker says.