The Li’L Sebastian Cocktail will usher in your Weekend

Image Jakob N. Layman | IG: @meetjakob

The Li’l Sebastian is a variation on a Brown Derby cocktail. My only issue with that drink is that it’s a bit too sweet and lacks backbone acid, so I decided to make some slight adjustments starting with lemon juice and a small amount of Campari. Inspired by the several beer & shot combos I’ve had after many a night tending bar, I wanted a cocktail that would combine elements of the flavors that remind me that it’s time to relax! The Simcoe hops bring a tropical, pine and bitter note that offsets the refreshing nature of this rye cocktail. – Chris Amirault

Your weekend plans now involve this cocktail and season 3, episode 16 of Parks & Rec. RIP Li’L Sebastian.


☐ 1.75 oz Michter’s Rye (Can be Michter’s Bourbon if need be)
☐ 0.5 oz lemon
☐ 0.75 oz grapefruit
☐ 0.75 oz Simcoe hopped honey (see recipe)
☐ 0.125 oz Aperol
☐ 0.125 oz Campari
☐ 2 dashes grapefruit bitters
☐ 2 sprays absinthe

Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin (including 2 sprays of absinthe). Shake vigorously with medium strength until properly diluted. Strain into a double old fashioned glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Simcoe Hopped Honey
☐ 750 ml water
☐ 1000 ml honey
☐ 40g Simcoe hops

Bring water to boil. Add hops. Stir so pellets are disintegrated. Add Honey. Stir on medium heat for 8 mins. Strain out hop remains. Refrigerate.

Recipe provided by Chris Amirault. Recipe originally created for Otium – Los Angeles, CA