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Bardstown is home to several of Kentucky’s most famous distilleries: Barton 1792, Willet, & Heaven Hill. In addition, the Jim Beam American Stillhouse is in nearby Clermont, and Maker’s Mark is in Loretto, a short drive south of Bardstown. In case you missed one of the spots during the day, you can always find what you’re looking for at the Kentucky Bourbon Marketplace, in downtown Bardstown – one of the first retail storefronts in Kentucky where you can buy packaged goods and actually “try before you buy”, on site! 

Bardstown Bourbon Company

But Bardstown is about to welcome a new distillery, under the direction of Steve Nally, former master distiller at Makers Mark and Wyoming Whiskey Co. Slated to open doors this year,  the Bardstown Bourbon Company boasts a new and innovative approach to distilling that is slated to be a “game changer” says CFO Daniel Linde. The company will offer a comprehensive barrel financing program for whiskey with custom Mash Bill development and more. In addition, they are developing some collaborative approaches that seek to infuse the voice of the customer into their end product. 

With a growing global demand and interest for Bourbon, Whiskey and Rye, the company is launching an opportunity to finance and work with other distillers and brand owners to make new products.  Storage and the company’s revolutionary 50 foot Vendome still is around 1.5 million proof-gallon capacity.  On-site barrel storage currently has around a 185k capacity but wisely, there’s room to grow on the 100 acre property, located just off the Bluegrass Parkway the 37,000 square foot distillery, opens the gateway to the “Bourbon Capital of the World”, Bardstown, Kentucky.

Part industrial, part familiar distillery, the larger scale operation is, if not much more, a modern feat in innovation that should blur industry lines between old and new school methods of distilling. The Bardstown Bourbon Company will provide craft distillers and brand owners the opportunity to: 

  • Work with a team of whiskey experts to create their own authentic & innovative whiskey products;
  • Benefit from highly competitive wholesale prices;
  • Ensure consistent, high quality production that can rapidly scale;
  • Control the future source for their product;
  • Finance new fill barrel production & aging, and
  • Provide a production location and environment that they can celebrate & promote.

Once open, the Bardstown Bourbon Company will provide tours, event space, tastings and eventually a restaurant and boutique hotel. Schedule your tour before they open!

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