Lavanda Di Mint Julep Recipe

Cocktail by Jordan Spence of Bella Notte (Lexington, KY)


  • 3/4 oz House made lavender simple syrup
  • 8-10 large Chocolate Mint Leaves
  • 2 dashes of Bitter Truth Orange bitters
  • 1 Amarene Cherry
  • Burnt orange peel
  • 1.5 oz Four Roses Single Barrell
  • Chipped Ice
  • Candied Mint Leaves
  • Lavender Flower garnish



In a julep glass combine lavender syrup, mint leaves, bitters amarene cherry and burnt orange peel. Muddle all ingredients. Add chipped ice and four roses single barrell bourbon.  Garnish with candied mint leaves and a lavender flower.

Lavender simple syrup

8 cups water 8 cups sugar 1/2 cup dried lavender.

Candied Mint garnish

2 egg whites beaten until frothy. Dip mint leaves and lavender in egg whites then roll them lightly in caster’s (superfine sugar) If unable to find casters sugar use granulated sugar in a food processor. Let mint leaves and lavender sit until hardened.