It’s #NationalKentuckyDay – 10 Trivial Nuggets from The Bourbon State

National Kentucky Day
Photo: Seth Thompson

Ok, so it’s arbitrary, so what…per the nets, it’s #nationalkentuckyday, officially marking Kentucky’s designation as the 15th member of the Union. We must respect this as it gives us a solid reason to drink!

While your sippin’ on a fine Kentucky Bourbon, here’s some nuggets of trivia to up your Jeopardy IQ.

10 Tidbits About Kentucky

  1. Kentucky Derby is the oldest continuously run sporting event in America.
  2. America’s largest collection of Victorian era homes are in “Old Louisville” district.
  3. Greatest length of navigable waterways in the continental 48 states (Alaska #1)…BONUS:  Lake Cumberland (Southeast KY) has more shoreline than Florida (mainland).
  4. Mammoth Cave – longest (420+ miles) continual known cave system globally.  Nearly double of #2 – Mexico’s San Actun underwater cave.
  5. Largest peanut butter plant globally (Jif) in Lexington.
  6. Largest hand blown glass window globally in Covington’s (Northern KY) Cathedral Basilica of Assumption.
  7. Duncan Hines (yes, that Duncan Hines) was born in Bowling Green (1880).
  8. First commercial oil well in America discovered mistakenly 1819 in Burkesville.
  9. Traffic light inventor (3 color system), Garrett Morgan, from Paris, KY – Patented 1923.
  10. “Happy Birthday” song written by 2 Kentucky sisters.

And #10 cuz it’s just polite to end on a happy note. Cheers!

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