EVENT (May 4th): Wenzel Whiskey’s “Blend Your Own” Evening Extravaganza in Bourbon Country’s Covington, KY

Wenzel Whiskey Event, May 4th.

Wenzel Whiskey (Covington, KY) has a special evening in store for you. It involves creating your own whiskey, in an architecturally captivating setting, led by a top industry whiskey palate.

Wenzel Whiskey is a gateway for creating your own juice. And like many things in life, its the experience and the journey of how you reach your end destination in which makes this company’s concept so unique. So memorable. So rewarding. And having a liquid trophy to sip and share your experience with friends and family, well, that ain’t so bad either;)

Blending Experience at Wenzel Whiskey. Photo: Patrick McNamara

Your whiskey journey will take place in the Wenzel Building, a 150 year old (circa 1873) revitalized building which in itself is the perfect blend of old world exposed brick and hardwood beauty meets modern accent nuances.

Proprietor and co-founder Bill Whitlow is a top palate and whiskey expert. He’s a decorated mixologist, owns Rich’s Proper Food & Drink in Covington (on Bourbon Review’s BEST BOURBON BARS IN AMERICA list), and knows the whiskey game as well as anyone.

Here’s the breakdown of what could be on your horizon of special memories, encapsulated by delicious whiskey of which who’s flavor profile you masterminded.

“Blend Your Own” Details…

  • DATE: May 4th, 6:30pm EST
  • BLEND BASE: 6 + 7 Year Indiana Ryes (Carefully Curated)
    • Blending Experience
    • Food catered by Rich’s Proper Food & Drink
    • Wenzel T-Shirt
    • 750ml Bottle of your specific blend
    • Additional bottle available for $100
  • COST: $150


STAY HERE: Boutique Hotel Within Wenzel Building

How fitting the Wenzel Building should have its very own boutique hotel, should you need a place to rest your head after a hard day’s work of blending;) “The Pickle Factory Hotel” has unbound unique charm to match its unconventional namesake. In a former life, it was a pickle factory.


Courtesy of Neat Suites.
Courtesy of Neat Suites.