Drink your Veggies with a Buffalo Trace “Pot-Likker” Bloody Mary

Photo by Toy Box Studios

Recipe by Cami Buracker of Vault & Cellar (Middletown, VA), recently named one of America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2022, in partnership with Buffalo Trace Distillery.

From Vault & Cellar: Pot Likker (or Pot Liquor), if you’ve never heard of it, is the juices from cooking collard greens. This recipe came about, as all good things do, by playing around with things we had in house; Our collard greens carry a deep, smoky, bacon-y kick with a solid punch of vinegar, and a bloody Mary felt like a natural marriage here. We often joke that we could just drink the pot likker (who am I kidding, we do) but having it as part of a cocktail makes it feel a touch more appropriate. 


-1.5 oz Bacon Washed Buffalo Trace Bourbon
-1 oz ‘pot likker’ – or the liquid from cooked collard greens
-Clark & Hopkins Chesapeake Bloody Mary mix
-Cajun seasoning and lime juice for rim
-House made pickles


1. Rim Collins glass with lime and Cajun seasoning
2. Fill glass to the top with ice
3. add bourbon and pot likker
4. top with Bloody Mary mix
5. Garnish with bacon, cooked collards, and skewered pickles