Cooper’s Craft Barrel Reserve 100-Proof Coming This Month

Cooper’s Craft and Cooper’s Craft Barrel Reserve. Courtesy Brown Forman.

Brown-Forman’s Cooper’s Craft Bourbon will see packaging changes to existing products as well as a new release this month.

Cooper’s Craft Barrel Reserve is the second release under the brand since it was created in 2016 to honor the art of barrel making. While the initial release is an easy-drinking whiskey that is filtered through beech and birch charcoal, Barrel Reserve is aged in “a unique chiseled and charred American White Oak barrel that allows the whiskey to interact more deeply with the wood, creating a robust and more complex flavor profile,” according to Brown-Forman.

We’re getting the sense that this barrel will be similar to “grooved” releases from other whiskeys in the past few years, where the inside of the barrel has been textured to create more surface area contact for the whiskey. More surface area means more potential for flavor extraction.

At 100 proof, Cooper’s Craft Barrel Reserve is said to have notes of vanilla wafer and assertive cinnamon—look for tasting notes here once we’ve had a chance to give it a try.

The roll out begins this month into limited markets, and Cooper’s Craft drinkers will also notice some label changes in the existing portfolio with new bottles this year dressed in a new navy blue logo.

Cooper’s Craft will remain around $22 plus taxes depending on market, and the new Barrel Reserve will start around $30, which means this line will stay relatively affordable.