Castle & Key Releases First “Wheated” Bourbon; 2 Different Batches

2022 Castle & Key Wheated Bourbon

This week Castle & Key Distillery announced the release of their Small Batch Wheated Bourbon, available in two batches, Batch #1 (50% ABV;$59.99 SRP) and Batch #2 (49% ABV; $59.99 SRP). This is the first wheated bourbon to be released from the distillery since restoring the former Old Taylor Distillery in 2014.

Both batches will be available in limited quantities in current markets of Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Online shipping for Castle & Key Wheated Bourbon will be available in 2023.

“Our Small Batch Wheated Bourbon offers a reimagined mashbill of our flagship Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, which was released earlier this year,” says Castle & Key’s Quality Manager, Jon Brown. “The focus? A sweeter and smoother finish, making this spirit the perfect complement to your favorite cocktail or easy to sip neat.”

Wheated Bourbon 2022 Batch 1 Tasting Notes (Brand Provided)

Nose: Baked Sugar Cookie, Caramel Frosting, Persimmon, Malted Milk Ball, Wintergreen

Palate: Shortbread, Light Allspice, Leather, Herbal

Finish: Sweet Tea, Slightly Warming with Balanced Sweetness, Medium Body

Barrels: 49 Barrels

Proof: 100

ABV: 50%

Bottles Available: 11,109

Wheated Bourbon 2022 Batch 2 Tasting Notes (Brand Provided)

Nose: Cocoa Powder, Toffee, Butter Cream, Cereal Grain, Black Pepper, Baked Pear

Palate: Caramelized Sugar, Pie Crust, Roasted Cashews, Dried Apricot, Grains of Paradise, Fennel

Finish: Dark Honey, With Hints of Black Pepper, Medium Body and Sweetness

Barrels: 49 Barrels

Proof: 98

ABV: 49%

Bottle Available: 11,883

For information about Castle & Key’s spirit offerings, please visit or follow @CastleandKey on Instagram.

ABOUT CASTLE & KEY (Brand Provided)

Castle & Key is steeped in Kentucky distilling history, and yet also presents a reimagining of Kentucky spirits for the future. In 2014, the Castle & Key team began restoring The Old Taylor Distillery, which had fallen to ruin after decades of neglect, with a vision of creating an immersive distillery experience.

Today, the Castle & Key team, led by Co-Founder Will Arvin alongside Research & Development Manager, Jon Brown, and Head Blender, Brett Connors, are committed to identifying the best barrels for production each year.

Located at 4445 McCracken Pike, Frankfort, KY, Castle & Key has become a popular travel destination for spirits and history enthusiasts as it offers tours of the many historical parts of the property including, the Boiler Room, Taylorton Station, the Springhouse and the Botanical Trail. For more information visit

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