Bottleneck Be Gone: Wilderness Trail Set to Nearly Double Capacity with New 2023 Bottling Line

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Wilderness Trail Distillery (Danville, KY) closed out 2022 grabbing major headlines as it was bought for $420M ($600M overall evaluation) by spirits giant Campari. Picking up where they left off, they are starting 2023 with a bang as they announced this week their bottling line is set to nearly DOUBLE its capacity.

The brand shared the following passage this week:

The machinery is needed to enhance production because the barrel inventory of aged, ready-to-bottle Bourbon and Rye Whiskey is doubling from 2022 to 2023. Inventory is expected to double again in 2024.
The current bottling line, with an inline filler, a corker, and an inline labeler, is capable of processing 3,100 barrels per year on one shift (3,000 bottles per day). In 2023, WTD needs to process 5,000 barrels in bottling (6,400 bottles per day)
Presently, the limiting factor on the line is the inline label machine. It restricts the line to 18 bottles per minute. In mid-January, WTD is upgrading to a rotary label machine made by PE Labelers. This machine will allow the bottling line to run 28-30 bottles per minute.
New case conveyors also will be installed to enhance productivity. The new machinery will allow WTD to meet bottling needs through 2025 running across one and two shifts.
In 2026, WTD is planning on installing a new bottling line, and the label machine will be redeployed to that new line where it will be capable of running up to 90 bottles per minute.

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