Booker’s Final Release of 2022: “Pinkie’s Batch”

Booker's 2022/4 "Pinkie's Batch". Courtesy


The final and fourth batch of 2022 is named in honor of Booker Noe’s dad, the original Frederick Booker Noe, better known as “Pinkie” to his family and friends. Although no one is quite sure where Pinkie’s nickname came from, he is remembered as someone who always followed his passions.

Most people thought Pinkie was in the bourbon business, which was a good assumption to make about someone in the Noe family, but he actually worked as the vice president of the local bank. That’s not to say he didn’t enjoy drinking bourbon – he actually was a big fan – but being a part of the bourbon business wasn’t his thing. When he wasn’t running the bank, Pinkie loved to golf and tried to play as often as possible.

He was also an outdoorsman with a passion for hunting that he passed down to Booker. Although some of Pinkie and Booker’s interests were different, the two would often bond over hunting quail and watching football, which brought them together at the end of the day. While enjoying “Pinkie’s Batch,” be sure to raise a glass to the original Frederick Booker Noe.

AGE: 6 year, 10 months, 10 days

PROOF: 122.4

BATCH NOTES (Brand Provided): Booker’s “Pinkie’s Batch” has a golden amber color and a balanced aroma of brown spice and vanilla notes. It has the rich vanilla taste Booker’s is often known for, with a lingering well-rounded finish.

PRIOR 2022 BATCHES: 2022/1 “Ronnie’s Batch”, 2022/2 “The Lumberyard Batch”, 2022/3 (Kentucky Tea Batch).

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