BOOKER’S First (Maybe Only) SINGLE BARREL BOURBON: Here’s Your Shot To Get It

Booker's Single Barrel "Second Change At Life". Photo: Dr. Michael Huang

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Photo: Dr. Michael Huang and Medicinal Whiskey Charity

Booker’s BackstoryHow It Began

Since its initial debut in 1988, Booker’s Bourbon has NEVER had a SINGLE BARREL release…UNTIL NOW. The reason or rather the occasion for breaking this 34 year old tradition is so special, so remarkable, so sentimental – it’s almost unbelievable.

Frederic Booker Noe II (1929 – 2004), 6th generation direct descendant and Master Distiller of Jim Beam, initially launched Booker’s in a time which undoubtedly set the tone and tracks for the Bourbon Renaissance that would eventually commence some 20 years following. This period in the mid to late 80’s was a do or die time for the Bourbon industry, which had been running on fumes since its continual decline beginning in the 70’s. You don’t break a slump with being conventional. You have to dig, take risks, think outside the box.

Booker’s dear friend, Elmer T. Lee (at what is now Buffalo Trace Distillery), did the unthinkable in 1984 in launching Blanton’s, a marketed “Single Barrel Bourbon”. Premium. Honey barrel. Best of the best. This was unheard of at the time as “light whiskey” and bottom shelf Bourbon was far the norm.

The legends Booker, Elmer, Parker Beam, Jimmy Russell all banded together to kick off the Premium Movement of Bourbon. However, unlike Elmer with his Single Barrel concept, Booker didn’t jive to the thought of a product that couldn’t keep consistency. He wasn’t wrong. Go to a rickhouse, thieve (remove) from two barrels, side by side, same age, same mash…they’ll each hit differently.

Booker fully embraced the premium concept and instead, chose the route of Small Batch. However, special occasions call for special measures. Special celebration measures if you will.

Fred Noe Needed A Miracle To Survive

Frederick “Fred” Booker Noe III followed in his father’s larger than life footsteps in entering the family business. Unfortunately, he also followed his father’s genetics in having bad kidneys. This problem would take his father’s life, as Fred had anticipated his own battle with kidney failure for some time. Sadly, he wasn’t wrong.

On dialysis, he needed a kidney transplant to survive. His quality of life had diminished. He had no energy. No pick up. If you know Fred, you know that’s just tragic. He’s such a wonderful person. Like his father, his personality “beams” and is truly larger than life. But like his father, he was in big trouble. He needed a near miracle to happen. Turns out, that miracle was a long time friend and long time employee of Jim Beam.

DeeAnn Hogan is known as the “Plant Mom”. She’s been with the company for over 25 years and is the plant coordinator at both Clermont and Boston (KY) distilleries, which means, she’s a task master. When she learned her long time friend was in trouble, she didn’t hesitate.

Fred Noe and DeeAnn Hogan. Photo: Shaun Ring

And in her “Plant Mom” ways, she continually asked Fred what his blood type was, staying on his behind per Fred. Turns out, they matched!!! DeeAnn made up her mind right then there, Fred was getting that kidney. Her kidney.

The operation took place in April 2021 via the University of Kentucky Transplant Center in Lexington, KY. Under the guidance of Dr. Malay Shah, Surgical Director of UK’s Liver Transplant Program, the operation was a glowing success. In his personal life, Shah is a major Bourbon buff. Long time fan here folks, he’s no tater, lol. Him and Fred have developed an incredibly close friendship.

UK Healthcare: Dr. Malay Shah

FIRST EVER: Booker’s Single Barrel “Second Change At Life” Release

This is no gimmick. It’s not a hot pocket marketing ploy or cash grab. The first ever and maybe only ever Booker’s Single Barrel Release, “Second Chance At Life”, is solely to celebrate and commemorate Fred getting just that, a second chance at life.

Fred has a new grandson – Frederic “Booker” Noe IV. He has noted his own father Booker (I) spoiled his grandson (Freddie). Fred plans on doing the exact same thing with his own grandson, as he now has another chance to do it…and actually enjoy it with a healthy body and a much higher quality of life.

The Single Barrel was selected by Fred, Dr. Shah, and members of UK. This will not hit retail. The entire barrel is being COMPLETELY donated by Beam Distilling to benefit UK’s Transplant Center. Ever dollar earned is helping someone else to have a second chance.

Per Fred on the pick,”Like other batches of dad’s bourbon, this one is uncut and unfiltered,” said Noe. “There’s nothing added to it. What’s in the barrel goes in your glass. The taste is full of big, bold discoveries. It stands apart from everything else and should be celebrated, just like DeeAnn and my friends at the university.”


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