Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door Releases 10-Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon

Heaven’s Door 10-Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon
Heaven’s Door 10-Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon

Heaven’s Door has announced the release of 10-Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon, the first limited edition offering from the celebrity brand.

The 10-Year bourbon is distilled with a low rye mashbill, mellowed in Tennessee maple charcoal columns, and bottled at 100 proof.

While the brand is known to push the envelope of barrel finishing (their Straight Rye Whiskey is finished in French oak cigar barrels), this release didn’t need anything extra.

“We are passionate about challenging whiskey convention through unique barrel finishing, wood experimentation, and blending,” says Ryan Perry, Head of Whiskey Development at Heaven’s Door. “At 100 proof and with a low rye mash bill, this whiskey is perfectly balanced and rich in character. After spending ten long, hot summers in a Tennessee rickhouse, this bourbon was so perfect that we felt any tinkering would have been a disservice.”

Perry, in charge of translating Bob Dylan’s palate into Heaven’s Door bottles, spoke with The Bourbon Review about his tasting, blending, and creative process with the music icon.

For this release, Perry says the whiskey has an aroma of “fresh baked bread and nougat, with notes on the palate of “grilled pineapple and candied walnuts.” The finish is a balance of sweet and savory, “with notes of cooked peaches and steeped tobacco.”

Heaven’s Door Tennessee Bourbon, Double Barreled Whiskey, and Straight Rye Whiskey. Photo Courtesy of Heaven’s Door.

Like all three flagship bottles from the brand, the design found on the 10-Year Tennessee Bourbon bottle is inspired by a sculpture from Bob Dylan’s Black Buffalo Ironworks studio. Dylan creates his iron gate sculptures as an homage to his childhood in an iron ore town, using pieces found on his farm or in scrapyards around the country. It is packaged in a commemorative case with a lyric sheet to “Maggie’s Farm” and “Subterranean Homesick Blues.”

Heaven’s Door 10-Year Tennessee Bourbon can be found online at and on shelves in select markets for a suggested retail price of $129.99.