Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Old Fashioned

Special shout out to our friends and owners of Dorset Maple Reserve Farm in Vermont – Austin and Lauren Felis. Great people making great products. We have a terrific feature on their story and how they came into the interesting world barrel aging maple syrup in our current Edition of The Bourbon Review.

Photo & Recipe: Lauren Felis

Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Old Fashioned


  • 2.5 oz of Bourbon or Rye Whiskey 
  • 1 dark pitted cherry 
  • 1 slice of orange 
  • 1 tsp DMR Bourbon Barrel Aged maple syrup
  • 2 dashes of  Angostura bitters   


In a cocktail shaker gently muddle 1 slice of orange. Add Bourbon, Maple Syrup, small splash of water and bitters. Add ice to shaker and gently stir until all ingredients are combined. Place 1 large ice cube in rocks glass, strain over ice cube and garnish with 1 dark cherry & orange peel. 

Dorset Barrel Aged Syrup