Angel’s Envy Set to Unveil New $8.2M Distillery Expansion in Downtown Louisville

Angel's Envy Distillery Expansion

Angel’s Envy opened the doors to its striking new distillery in downtown Louisville, KY in November 2016. It was the first full-production whiskey distillery in downtown Louisville. In 2020, AE began a major expansion at the distillery. Now, they are close to unveiling the $8.2M endeavor. Plans are set to have the newest renovations open mid June 2022. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect!

Expansion Facts & Figures

  • The expansion will add more than 13,000 square feet to the current building (which currently stands at over 90,000 square feet).
  • It will increase annual guest capacity by 64,000, allowing Angel’s Envy to open its doors to more than 100,000 guests total per year.
  • New spaces will include: five new tasting rooms, where guests can partake in educational bourbon tastings; an additional bar space, where the Angel’s Envy team will continue to craft cocktails for reservation and event guests; an event space and full catering kitchen, allowing the distillery to be used for pairing dinners and private gatherings such as conferences and corporate events; a designated room for Angel’s Envy’s “Bottle Your Own” experience, which, post-expansion, will offer guests the chance to fill their own bottles of Angel’s Envy’s distillery-exclusive Single Barrel offering; and a larger retail area.
  • The current production capacity of the distillery is two million proof gallons per year.
  • The expansion cost $8.2 million and will create approximately 20 new jobs in Louisville.
  • Angel’s Envy worked with Joseph & Joseph, Contagious and Sullivan & Cozart on the design and build for the expansion.

Visitor Experience

  • Post-expansion, Angel’s Envy’s tour offerings will include the Signature Tour and a “Bottle Your Own” experience, which will include a hands-on opportunity for fans to fill their own 750ml bottle of Angel’s Envy’s distillery-exclusive Single Barrel release.
  • Tours can be reserved online at At this time, tasting rooms can only be accessed in conjunction with a tour.
  • There will be a form to book the new event space on