Angel’s Envy Launches Founder’s Collection with Rare Mizunara Oak Finished Bourbon

Angel's Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak Casks.

Angel’s Envy has announced an all-new Founder’s Day 10th Anniversary expression, Angel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished In Japanese Mizunara Oak Casks.

“Ten years ago [on August 19th], my dad Lincoln and I filled our first port barrels with the bourbon that would eventually become Angel’s Envy,” said Wes Henderson, Angel’s Envy Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, in a press release. “In celebration, we wanted to release something special to honor my dad’s incredible legacy, how far Angel’s Envy has come and our exciting future ahead. We chose this release for the tenth anniversary because my dad, having taken on several consulting roles in Japan during his career, always had a deep appreciation for the country and its distilling community. This release, finished in Mizunara casks made from this rare, 200-year-old wood, felt fitting for such a special milestone for Angel’s Envy.”

The new release begins with a blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys aged 4 and 9 years, that was then finished in Mizunara casks for 2 full years before being bottled at 97.8 proof in a stunning crystal decanter. On the nose, the distillery tells us to expect “notes of smoky wood, sandalwood, banana bread, cherry and ripe apples. On the palate, notes of vanilla, oak, rich chocolate, banana, cinnamon, apple and light black pepper are present, along with floral and fruity notes and a hint of coffee. The finish is slightly dry with hints of toasty oak and a lingering smokiness.”

Angel’s Envy Bourbon Finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak will fall under what the brand is calling their Founder’s Collection, a line of super-premium whiskeys the distillery will dole out to fans for special events and anniversaries. The line is a new addition to both the brand’s flagship Kentucky Straight Bourbon finished in Port Wine Casks and Kentucky Straight Rye finished in Caribbean Rum Barrels, as well as the high-end Cellar Collection that includes Tawny Port and Sherry finished bourbons. While some distilleries keep a routine annual release schedule, Angel’s Envy keeps us on our toes, bottling unique and rare bourbons for us only when the team feels they’re ready.

Just 1,200 bottles of Angel’s Envy Bourbon Finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak will be available to the public. Bottles will be appear on August 19th for pre-sale on the distillery’s members-only 500 Main website, so if you aren’t a member yet, now’s the time to enroll here for free. The remaining bottles will be sold at the distillery and select Kentucky retailers on September 1st for around $350.

Caroline Paulus
Caroline Paulus is the Senior Editor for The Bourbon Review. She lives and writes in Lexington, Kentucky. Follow her on Instagram @misswhiskeyhistorian to keep up with her latest in bourbon news - and a few old finds, too.