America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2022

Best bourbon bars 2022

September is National Bourbon Heritage Month. That’s something we don’t take lightly at The Bourbon Review. Who’s ready to do one heck of a bar crawl to the Best Bourbon Bars in America to celebrate it?!…Now that’s the spirit;)

Every year since 2013, our editorial board has combed the country as we continuously listen to our social media followers to find the places that have the most expansive whiskey lists, mix the most exciting cocktails, select the best single barrels, and most importantly – have a team of hardworking, passionate, and knowledgeable bourbon lovers behind the sticks.

We thank our friends at Buffalo Trace Distillery for their wonderful partnership support of this special September salute, now lets do our due diligence in showing our favorite Bourbon spots just how much we appreciate what they do for us!

Without further adieu, pull up a Bourbon, cheers to all the amazing Bourbon bars out there…and lets get to celebrating!

Best Bourbon Bar
The Crunkleton Charlotte (NC) – South Region

FIVE REGIONS: America’s Best Bourbon Bars