Add Holiday Cheer to any Occassion with The Nutcracker Cocktail

The Nutcracker Cocktail by Angel's Envy

Per Angel’s Envy Website: “While we’d argue that bourbon is fine in any season, there’s just something magical about the holidays. Maybe it’s the chilly bite in the air that balances out the heat of the spirit or whiskey’s knack for heightening sentimentality. Either way, December is quite possibly the best month to explore your love of bourbon and whiskey.

The Nutcracker might not yet be considered a holiday classic like Eggnog or Hot Buttered Rum, but there’s always room for new classics. This deep and rich cocktail is a celebration of everything delicious about the season and is easily going to be a new favorite. If you can’t find our Rye, it’s delicious with [Angel’s Envy] bourbon finished in port barrels as well!”

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2 parts ANGEL’S ENVY Rye Finished in Rum Barrels
1/2 part sweet vermouth
1/2 part Amaro Averna
1/4 part creme de cacao
2 dashes black walnut bitters


Add ingredients in a mixing tin or glass. Stir, strain into a coupe glass and serve up with an (optional) absinthe rinse.