Wyoming Whiskey to Release Special Edition Steamboat Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Wyoming Whiskey has announced the release of its Steamboat Special Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey, with one thousand cases of Steamboat to be distributed exclusively in Wyoming beginning Friday, June 22nd.

A 750ml bottle of Steamboat with custom labeling will retail for $45 in a limited edition canister featuring the historic image of Steamboat from the Wyoming State Archives. Steamboat is bottled at 90 proof.

The label of this bottle pays tribute to Chugwater, the birthplace of Steamboat, with an image of the Chugwater Cliffs. Like all WW products, Steamboat is 100% locally-sourced and was named after the Cowboy State’s iconic symbol. Steamboat was the name of an “unrideable” horse ridden by Clayton Danks in the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo in 1909.  While some controversy surrounds the identity of the rider, the duo is believed to be the bronc and rider that inspired Wyoming’s revered logo.

“Steamboat Special Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey may be found at Wyoming liquor stores throughout the state,” said co-founder David DeFazio, “And, unlike the horse, this whiskey doesn’t buck.”